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Posted on November 12, 2013

Location – Chigwell, Essex

Today we are replacing 4 VELUX skylights in this loft bedroom.  The current VELUX skylights are very old and in desperate need of replacing.

This valued customer had not long prior to us coming, purchased blinds for these windows and had asked us to do our best to save the blinds… always at your service, lets see what we can do.

Let’s get to work…

Here is an image of two of the VELUX skylights.  The fitter gets to work on these two.  We wont bore you by showing you the process of each window as its the same, so we will show you as a whole job.


The fitter opens the VELUX and removes the sash from the frame

02_old_velux_skylight  06_old_velux 03_removing_old_velux_skylight_sash  05_old_velux_sash

Once this is done, we get to work on the outside, removing the VELUX frame.


VELUX frame removed.  We now have to install the new frame.

08_new_velux_frame   10_new_velux_frame_in_place13_fitting_another_new_velux_frame   09_fitting_new_velux_frame

The frame is in.  To give you an idea of how old the VELUX skylight was, here is a before and after shot, outside on the roof.



So now the two on one side of the house are done, we go over to the other side of the house.


The process will be the same, so here are the images of the process.

16_fitting_last_two_velux_skylights  18_new_velux_skylights_in_place

All frames are now installed.  The next job will be to install the VELUX sash’s into place on all 4 skylights.

17_new_velux_sash   21_inserting_another_velux_sash 22_inserting_another_velux_sash-2   23_demonstrating_new_velux24_2_more_velux_skylights_installed 25_new_velux_installed

Excellent, they look fantastic.  Now to do what we promised and that is to save the blinds.

26_re-fitting_old_blinds   27_re-fitting_old_blinds-2

Windows and blinds installed, let’s take a look at the finished article…

31_complete  30_done_new_velux_skylights_installed 19_new_velux_skylight_from_outside

And just before we leave, one last look from the outside…

29_new_velux_skylights_from_outside   28_new_velux_skylight_from_outside

If you would like your VELUX windows replaced by a VELUX 5* Installer please call us on 020 8551 5800

Posted on October 28, 2013

Location – Palmers Green, London

Today we are fitting the Easiway loft ladder, this product is an ideal product for simple basic storage and occasional use.

For this particular loft ladder, there is no need for any cutting in the ceiling, it’s a case of installing the loft ladder into your current hatch opening/hole.  Your home like most others probably has a hatch you push and to the side, for this loft ladder, we would hinge down the hatch and put a twist catch on it.  Sometimes we may need to install a new door as some doors are old and or are not suitable for the hinges.

Lets get to work…


This is the current hatch.  As you can see its just a piece of timber that site on top of the hole (you are very likely to have a similar setup).

We remove the lid/hatch door and get the loft ladder ready for installation.

02_checking_loft_space  03_easiway_loft_ladder


Ok loft ladder out of its packing, prepared and ready to install.  We now start to install the Easiway loft ladder into the opening.

05_putting_easiway_loft_ladder_to_hatch  06_getting_ready_to_fit_loft_ladder_in_place

We now have to fix the loft ladder into place.

07_fitting_easiway_loft_ladder_into_place  08_fitting_easiway_loft_ladder_into_place

Now that the loft ladder is fixed into place, we check that it is secure and test that it is working correctly.

09_testing_easiway_loft_ladder_fitting_correctly  10_testing_easiway_loft_ladder_fitting_correctly

Ok the loft ladder is secure and works great.  This particular customer is going to have a new hatch door fitted.  We get to work on cutting down a new hatch door.


Once the new hatch door is cut to size, we take it back inside and check that its all ok.


Fits like a glove!

Time to secure the new hatch door into place.


We are done, lets go through the motions and demonstrate the loft ladder working.


Open the door using the stock provided and placing the key into the twist catch


The loft ladder is revealed.


Use the same pole to pull the loft ladder down


Take hold of the loft ladder and pull the next section down


The loft ladder is down to the floor and ready to climb


The Easiway loft ladder is an ideal loft ladder to use once in a while for basic access to the loft. If you would like to have a loft ladder installed, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.  Alternatively you can click here to fill out the form and we shall call you to arrange a date of installation.

Posted on October 14, 2013

Location – Winchmore Hill, London

While the sun is still out, we were called in to replace a very old roof window.  The pre-existing roof window had broken hinges and rotting timber.  The window would not even close and was letting in a terrible draft.

The new VELUX we are installing is a GGL U08 3059.  This is a size of 1340mm x 1400mm, so its a big window.

No time to waste, time to get to work…

As you can see from images below, the pre-existing skylight was in a terrible state.


As you can see, this skylight had to be changed, there was no chance of repair, let’s also have a look from the outside.


So we get to work, stripping the tiles off of the roof.  We then remove the window sash from the frame


We then remove the frame from the roof


We then ensure the opening is all neat and tidy and ready for the velux skylight.  We then get the velux out of the box and prepare it for installation

07_new_velux_skylight_unpackaged  08_new_velux_skylight_up_close

We take the window sash out of the velux skylight and take the frame up to the loft, ready for installation.


It is now time to install the frame

10_putting_velux_skylight_into_place 11_fixing_velux_skylight_into_place

Screw the frame into place and…


The frame is installed.  We now need to apply the flashing kit around the velux skylight

13_fitting_velux_skylight_flashings  14_putting_roof_tiles_round_velux

Once the flashing kit is in place, it is time to re-tile around the skylight


Ok tiling is done and looks great


All we have to do now is to install the sash


And a quick glance at the inside


Fantastic job.  Do you have a roof window which is in need to replacing? do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8551 5800.

Posted on September 16, 2013

Location – East Barnet, Hertfordshire

Today we have two jobs to do in this one loft.  We will be replacing two big VELUX skylights, they are VELUX S06 size which is 1140 x 1180.  These windows were damaged, worse for wear and glazing broken, they are in desperate need of replacement.

The current VELUX skylights are timber and the customer wanted them replaced with white windows.

The second job in this loft was to open up the hallway to light.  It was a very dark hallway, so we are going to create a hole in the roof and put in a white VELUX skylight C04 which is 550 x 980.

Let’s get to work…


This is job one, to replace these two VELUX skylights, as you can see from the images, they are in desperate need of replacement.


This is job two, its a dark hallway and really needs some light coming in over the staircase.


We started by removing the sashes from the frames of the old roof windows.


We then started to create the hole for the new roof window.

05_making_hole_for_new_velux_skylight_2   06_making_hole_for_new_velux_skylight_3

We removed the tiles from the outside to be able to install the new VELUX skylight.


We then removed the frames of the old VELUX skylights.



Now both openings are ready to install the three new VELUX skylights.

10_new_velux_skylight_in_box   11_new_velux_skylight_S06

We get the two replacements windows ready…


We then get the new window ready…

13_new_velux_skylight_C04_in_place   14_new_velux_skylight_S06_in_place

We then start to install all three roof windows.

15_getting_the_tools   16_screwing_velux_skylights_down


The new C04 (550 x 980) white VELUX skylight is now installed…

18_velux_C04_complete   19_velux_C04_complete_2

So much more light is coming into that hallway now, it looks great.  Now let’s finish off the replacement skylights…

20_finishing_installation_velux_S06   21_velux_skylight_S06_complete 22_2_x_velux_skylight_S06_complete

Wow, they look a million dollars! great job.  If you have an old VELUX skylight which needs replacing, please click here and fill out the form or call us on 020 8551 5800 for more information.

Posted on September 9, 2013

Location – Chelsea, London

Good morning from the beauty of Chelsea and the embankment in London.  It truly is stunning here, lovely views over the river thames.

Today we had to replace an old VELUX skylight.  The hinges had broken and the skylight in general was worse for wear.  In step the loft shop fitting team to replace it.

Commence operation VELUX skylight swap over…


This was the old VELUX skylight.  You will notice that it’s white, this is because they have painted the window white.  As the customer preferred white, instead of fitting a timber one and letting them have to go through the hassle of re-painting, we obtained a white VELUX skylight for them.

Here is a closer look at the hinge, it was literally hanging off the VELUX skylight…


So, we removed the window sash from the frame…


We then removed the VELUX skylight frame and disposed of it.  We readied the opening and then got the new window ready for installation.

4_new_velux_roof_window  5_new_velux_roof_window_frame

We then took the new white VELUX skylight frame upstairs and installed it into the opening


Seems like we have been greeted by another furry friend who wanted to play ball…


Ok 5 minutes then we have to get on with our work…

45 minutes of ball throwing and catching later, we got back to work and installed the VELUX skylight.  We managed to also save the old blind that was in place and fitted that too, the finished article…


Do you have an old VELUX skylight which needs replacing? please call us on 020 8551 5800 or click here and fill out the form, we would be happy to help.

Posted on May 16, 2013

Location – Ilford, Essex

Hello from sunny Essex.  Today we are in Ilford.  This valued customer already has a Velux skylight installed in their bathroom, it was fitted many years ago.

We have been asked to come in a fit another Velux skylight alongside the one already in place to add extra light into the bathroom.

Lets have a look at the current situation.

01_location_new_velux_skylight 02_location_new_velux_skylight

As you can see, there is a Velux skylight already in place.  Our job is to fit the new Velux skylight alongside the current one.  We have been asked to ensure the skylight is half over the bath tub.

Here is a quick image of the current Velux skylight in place.


Our first job is to measure out the plasterboard so we don’t cut too much away.  Once that is done, we commence “operation cut the plasterboard”.

04_creating_opening_new_velux_skylight 05_creating_opening_new_velux_skylight_2 06_creating_opening_new_velux_skylight_3

While the fitter is cutting away the plasterboard, lets have a look at the outside, at where the new skylight we be placed.


This is the view from the outside.  Soon there will be a nice, well installed Velux skylight next to the current one.

Let’s pop back upstairs and see how the fitter is getting on…


Wow, you don’t waste any time do you Mr Fitter?

Now, let’s remove the tiles…

09_progress_on_creating_opening_for_velux 10_progress_on_creating_opening_for_velux_2 11_velux_opening_outside

Once tiles are removed, we commence making the sure opening is all lined up, and secure before we install the velux window



Oh nice pencil Mr Fitter, where did you get it?


Opening made! time to get the window ready…

15_new_velux_skylight 16_frame_ready_for_velux_skylight 17_preparing_velux_skylight_for_installation 18_preparing_velux_skylight_for_installation_2

Window all prepared, time to install onto the roof…

19_velux_skylight_frame_installed   20_applying_velux_flashing_kit

Installed, time to tile up around the window…


Fantastic! all done, time to fit the Velux DKL blackout blind

22_velux_roof_window_installed 23_installing_velux_skylight_blackout_blind 24_velux_roof_window_with_DKL_blackout_blind

Looks great.  Lets have a look from the outside.


Well installed!

If you would like a Velux or alternative roof window installed, please do not hesitate to contact us, check out our range here.

Posted on May 7, 2013

Location – Wanstead, London

Good morning from a gloriously sunny East London.  Today we are replacing another old Velux skylight.  This was a rather large skylight, 940 mm wide and 1600 mm in height (Velux P10 window).

The old Velux skylight was timber and was starting to rot.  We are going to replace this one with a white one.  We are also going to fit a new blackout blind.

Time to get to work…

Here is the current Velux skylight

1_old_velux_skylight  2_old_velux_skylight

It’s time to remove this Velux skylight.

3_removing_old_velux_skylight  4_removing_old_velux_skylight

The sash is removed and the old frame has been taken out.  Lets have a look at the old frame


As you can see, its old and rotting.  Now its all removed, we prepare the opening for the new Velux skylight.


Opening all prepared and ready.  Time to get the new white Velux skylight out of the box and up to the loft.

7_getting_new_velux_skylight_out  8_new_velux_skylight_frame 9_new_velux_skylight_frame  10_getting_ready_to_install_new_velux

Ok time to install the new skylight frame into the opening.

11_installing_new_velux_skylight  12_installing_new_velux_skylight 13_new_velux_skylight_frame_installed  14_fixing_new_velux_skylight_into_place

Looking really good Mr Fitter! What do we have to do next?  We had to put the window sash into place.

Lets step back and have a quick look, how does it look?


Great looks good.  Ok now all in place, let’s get the Velux blackout blind ready.


Ok all the parts are ready and time to install.

17_fitting_new_velux_blackout_blind  18_fitting_new_velux_blackout_blind
19_fitting_new_velux_blackout_blind  20_new_velux_blackout_blind

That looks good, lets see how effective it is, close it fully Mr Fitter…


…complete blackout! Looks great…

Our work here is done, one last look before we go…


…and one last look on the outside to check the skylight is fitted neatly…


Neat and tidy, good job.  Does your velux roof window need replacing? if so, we can help, please click here to check out our range.

Posted on April 22, 2013

Location – Stratford, London

This week, we are towering high in an old warehouse )which many years ago was converted into apartments) to install a Velux skylight.  One of the skylights was in need to replacing.

We had marvelous views of the Olympic Village, what a great year 2012 was, lots happened.

Ok back to the matter in hand, the new skylight… in step the loft shop fitting team!

The skylight currently in place is 780 x 1400 in size.

Time to get to work…


This is the old skylight in place.  We have to remove this now.

03_removing_old_velux_roof_window 04_removing_old_velux_roof_window_1

Now the skylight is removed, lets admire the view for a second… take it in…


What a view from the velux skylight! the Olympic stadium in all its glory!

Ok back to work… we remove the slates from around where the Velux skylight is going to go.  This is so we can fit the new flashing kit.


Time to install the new Velux skylight


Looks good! lets see how we are doing on the outside.


Looks neat and tidy, we just need to get the rest of the slates on the outside of the Velux skylight.

Once that is done, let’s get the sash ready to install into the frame.


Lets get the sash into the frame.


That looks lovely.  Great job!

Really good job! is your old roof window in need of replacing? we can help, please click here to check out our range, we have something to suit most budgets.

Posted on April 2, 2013

Location – Whitechapel, London

This week we were back down to the estate in Whitechapel to replace another two VELUX roof windows.  These roof windows were in serious need of replacing.

Todays roof windows are 780 x 1400 in size.

Lets get to work…

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of the state they were in before we came to the rescue.

01_old_velux_roof_window 02_old_broken_velux_roof_window 03_old_broken_velux_roof_window_2 04_old_broken_velux_roof_window_3

You can see from these images the urgency needed to change the VELUX roof windows.  This poor customer was sleeping in a room full of draft, not good for their health.  We will put it right.

First we set out removing the old VELUX roof windows.


We then set out placing the new ones into position.

06_getting_new_velux_roof_windows_ready 07_installing_new_velux_roof_windows 08_installing_new_velux_roof_windows_2 09_installing_new_velux_roof_windows_3

Great work mr fitter! lets take the camera outside and have a look at the roof windows from the outside.

10_new_velux_roof_window_in_place 11_new_velux_roof_window_in_place_3

Looks really neat! and draft proof!

Back to the inside as we put a nice timber piece in the middle of the two windows to give a lovely effect.


Mr fitter, this is a bedroom.  Didn’t the customer also ask for blinds? it may be draft proof but they need to be able to sleep too… no problem!

13_installing_velux_roof_window_blinds 14_installed_velux_roof_window_blinds 16_new_velux_roof_windows

Fantastic, lets see how it came out.


Really good job! is your old roof window in need of replacing? we can help, please click here to check out our range, we have something to suit most budgets.

Posted on March 25, 2013

Location – Whitechapel, London

This week we headed down to an estate where we had been a few times already as we have a contract to change most of the VELUX roof windows there.  Today we were changing one VELUX roof window.

This time we had to change quite an uncommon size, its called a velux C01.  Which measures externally 550 x 700mm.  Not one which VELUX stock anymore.  We got hold of the roof window and set to work.

Here is the old VELUX roof window.  It would not close properly anymore and was worse for wear.


We then removed the sash (the part where the glass is).


Then we readied the new VELUX roof window (it looks so nice and fresh and little).


We then removed the frame of the old VELUX roof window.


Next step… put new frame in!


After some messing around outside on the roof around the window, to make it watertight, we then inserted the new sash and we were done.


What a great job! if you would like your roof windows replaced, then please do not hesitate to check out our range and get in touch.  Click here to checkout the range.