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Posted on October 26, 2012

Location – Grays, Essex

Its a day to fit a roof window, we are out and about in Essex, sadly no cast of TOWIE were around.  But nonetheless its time to get to work opening up someones roof.  Nice view once the roof is open too.


Right, opening made, its time to ready the roof window


What we have to do now, is take the window sash out of the frame and install the frame into the prepared opening.


While the expert was getting the frame installed, I got the flashing and cladding kit ready to be installed onto the frame (I get all the good jobs!)

Once the flashing kit is put around the window, it was time to get the tiles to size and place them around the window for a nice neat finish.


Ok Mr Fitter, tiles all done? neat finish? great! lets get the sash in as its starting to rain!


Its in! its done and looks great! – I guess I will tidy up then Mr Fitter? I do get all the good jobs after all!


Posted on October 18, 2012

15th October 2012

Location – Marylebone, London

It was a cold dark October morning and we were on our way to install a ladder in the heart of Sherlock Holmes country, Baker Street.

The job was to fit a 3 section timber loft ladder, to replace a very old loft ladder.  This is the product ready to go in all its glory.

The ladder was going into a communal area and starting nice, early and punctual as we do, we had to keep very quiet as many people were still asleep.  But we quickly got to work removing the old loft ladder.


After the removal of the old loft ladder, while our fitter Chris was preparing the opening for the new ladder, I got the new loft ladder ready for installation straight after the opening was  prepared


Then it was time to put the ladder into place, one of us had to go up into the loft and one of us had to stay underneath to secure it in place.  Well you can guess who went into the loft…. the one with the camera of course…


Now the ladder is in place inside the loft (it is staying in place with two timber pieces down each side) it is time to put the screws in and secure it into place.

Nearly there now, what we have to do now is ensure the ladder reaches the ceiling height.  As the ladder comes at a standard height of 2.8m, our ceiling here is less than that so we have to trim down the bottom of the ladder.


Length sorted, ladder fixed in place, the product is ready to go







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