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Posted on December 12, 2012

Location – Ilford, Essex

It was a fresh and frosty morning in Ilford, Essex as we set out to install a wooden loft ladder for a lovely and friendly couple who gave us lots of tea as it was so cold outside.

This job involved using the existing opening and extending it.  You need to either extend the current opening or create a new opening for the timber loft ladders.  This is because timber loft ladders come with their own hatch and frame.

Lets get to work…

Firstly, here is a look at the current hatch.

We then made our way into the loft to start preparing the opening from inside.

Firstly, we had to tidy the area we were going to cut into.

Area now clear, time to line the opening, ready to be cut.

We started to cut the opening, ready for the new wooden loft ladder.



Opening made, it was time to neaten it up and line it, ready for the new wooden loft ladder.

Now that the new extended opening is ready, its time to get the timber loft ladder ready for installation.  You will notice from the images, that the ladder comes with its own hatch box and frame.  This is why existing openings needs to be cut to suit.


Ready and time to fit the ladder into the newly transformed opening.



Now that the new loft ladder is in place, its time to ensure its all fixed in safely.


Now, we have to ensure the height of the ladder is correct, so we cut down the bottom section.


New timber loft ladder is in place.

Now its time to tidy up the edges and make everything look fantastic!

Cutting the architrave to size…


It is complete! a lovely new wooden loft ladder with a large opening to fit all those suitcases and Christmas decorations through.

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Posted on December 4, 2012

Location – Chingford, London

Another valued customer, who already had a velux roof window fitted in a loft conversion built a few years prior.  This gentleman wanted another window fitted along side the other one.  We got to work…

This is the current velux roof window, and we will be installing a new velux roof window to the right hand side.

We got to work, cutting out the plasterboard.


One important thing, we need to ensure that the new window is level with the previously installed velux roof window

Once we are sure its level, we set out completing the opening for the new roof window


Now let there be light!

While the fitter prepared the opening ready for the window, I set off and got the velux roof window ready



The next step was to take window sash (glass part) out of the frame so that it could be installed into the newly formed opening.


Once the frame is in and secured into place.  We had to make sure the area around the frame is watertight.  This calls for the flashing kit! …flashing kit??? ah there you are…

Once the flashing kit is in place, its time to tile around velux roof window.


All tiled, all water tight and securely in place.  It is time to get the sash ready and put into place.


Brilliant, we are done! A new velux roof window supplied and fitted.

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