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Posted on February 25, 2013

Location – Whitechapel, London

Good morning from London, as we enter the Whitechapel area of London, we overlook some fantastic landmarks at the hub of the city.

Today we are replacing two very old VELUX roof windows.  These roof windows have been in place for well over 20 years and are in some need of replacing.  The current VELUX roof windows are what is known as “coupled”, this means the windows are placed right next to each other.  We have to replicate this.

…Loft Shop fitting team, assemble! lets get to work!

We start by removing the window sashes

01_removing_old_velux_roof_window  02_removing_old_velux_roof_window_2

Once the roof window sashes are removed, its time to remove the frames.


Roof window frames removed and in come the nice shiny new frames.  Fresh pine!

04_fitting_new_velux_roof_window_frames  05_fitting_new_velux_roof_window_frames_2 06_new_velux_roof_window_frames

Roof window frames in and its all made watertight on the outside.  We need to get the new sashes into place.

07_new_velux_roof_window_sashes  08_fitting_new_velux_roof_window_sashes 09_fitting_new_velux_roof_window_sashes_2  10_fitting_new_velux_roof_window_sashes_3

Excellent work, I promise I did help him, I didn’t just watch and sip tea.


Now the centre of the two windows did have a cosmetic piece before to make it look nice in the middle, it was painted red so wouldn’t really look good.  We got to work on putting a nice new piece of pine timber in the middle of the two windows.


Excellent work, looks great.


Lovely job, if you are interested in having your VELUX roof window, serviced, repaired or replaced, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8551 5800 or visit our showroom

Posted on February 18, 2013

Location – Pinner, Middlesex

Today we are installing the Easiway loft ladder, an ideal solution for simple basic storage use/occasional use.

For this loft ladder, there is no need for any cutting in the ceiling, it’s a case of installing the loft ladder into your current hatch opening.  Your home like most others probably has a hatch you push and to the side, for this loft ladder, we would hinge down the hatch and put a catch on it.

Lets get to work…

First we removed the current hatch cover and got the ladder ready.


We then opened the loft ladder up and put it up to the opening.

02_putting_loft_ladder_into_place  03_easiway_loft_ladder

We then had to ensure the loft ladder is secured to the hatch opening.

04_fixing_easiway_loft_ladder  05_fixing_easiway_loft_ladder_2

Once all secure and in place properly, its time to prepare the hatch door for hinging down.

06_hinges_for_loft_ladder_door  07_fitting_loft_ladder_door 08_testing_loft_ladder_door  09_new_loft_ladder_door

Superb! looks great.  Now test it all works.

10_new_loft_ladder  11_new_loft_ladder_2

Great job! if you would like this loft ladder installed, please click here and fill out the form and we will contact you to discuss a suitable date.

Posted on February 11, 2013

Location – Surbiton, Surrey

A good morning from us and its off to the lovely Surrey.  This valued customer has had a timber loft ladder in his home for over 20 years and now and it is in desperate need of replacing.  In step team Loft Shop to replace with their three section timber loft ladder.

As timber loft ladders come complete with their own hatches and frames, we had to be very careful with the removal of the old product to ensure the ceilings stay right.

Lets get to work…

Firstly here is the old timber loft ladder

01_old_timber_loft_ladder  02_examining_old_timner_loft_ladder

Our fitter seems deep in thought!

Time to gently remove the old loft ladder, this was done piece by piece.

03_commence_removal_old_timber_loft_ladder  04_ladder_section_removed 05_loft_ladder_hatch_door_removed  06_removing_old_timber_loft_ladder_frame

Now that its all removed, we have a nice hole to use to replace with the new timber loft ladder.


We took the old loft ladder outside and the fitter had one last look and wondered if he could use the wood to make himself a shelf (turns out not).


Time to get the new timber loft ladder ready.

09_preparing_new_timber_loft_ladder  10_new_timber_loft_ladder_prepared

Before installing, we made sure the opening was correctly lined and neat, ready for the new loft ladder.


Time to get that timber loft ladder into the loft and screwed into place.

13_new_timber_loft_ladder_in_place  14_fixing_new_timber_loft_ladder_into_place

All in place, time to get the loft ladder cut down to size to ensure the height is correct.

15_adjusting_length_new_timber_loft_ladder  16_adjusting_length_new_timber_loft_ladder_2 17_new_timber_loft_ladder_length_fixed

Close it up, lets have a look (looks messy now, just keep going).


Time to apply architrave to neaten up those edges…

19_tidying_up_new_timber_loft_ladder  20_applying_architrave_to_new_timber_loft_ladder 21_applying_architrave_to_new_timber_loft_ladder_2

….the finished article

22_new_timber_loft_ladder_closed  23_new_timber_loft_ladder_closed_2 24_new_timber_loft_ladder_open

Looks great! good job!

If you would like to book in a survey to have a timber loft ladder installed, click here to fill out the form and we will contact you to discuss a suitable date.

Posted on February 4, 2013

Location – Wanstead, London

The houses around here have exceptionally high ceilings.  No problem, we had a solution. It was our 3 section timber loft ladder.  But not the one listed on the website.  This one had a much higher floor to ceiling reach.  The hatch size would be a delightful 1300mm long and 600mm wide.  Luckily this house was large and the hall way was big enough.

There was a loft hatch already present but we had to enlarge the hatch to suit.  The customer would have to do only a little bit of painting after.

We got to work…

Firstly we had a look at the current hatch and worked out the best and neatest way to enlarge the hatch.


We went into the loft and started clearing the area and lining what will be the new extended loft hatch for the new timber loft ladder.

2_preperations_on_current_loft_hatch 3_preperations_on_current_loft_hatch_2 4_extending_current_loft_hatch 5_extending_current_loft_hatch_2

The loft hatch has now been lined and its time to remove the framing parts from the underside of the ceiling.



Now time to cut out the plasterboard to make a nice large opening.  Here goes…

7_extending_current_loft_hatch_3 8_cutting_timber_for_new_extending_loft_hatch 9_extending_current_loft_hatch_4 10_new_larger_loft_hatch

WOW! that’s a nice big loft hatch there.  Fantastic timber loft ladder almost ready to go in. Lets see how it looks from underneath.

11_new_larger_loft_hatch_underneath 12_lining_new_loft_hatch

Looks great.  Now its time to ensure its all structurally sound and time to fit in the new timber loft ladder.  Lets get the ladder out the van…


Ok great, lets get it upstairs and prepared for installation.


Good.  Looks ready to go.  Lets double check the opening is ok for the timber loft ladder.

15_newly_lined_extended_loft_hatch 16_newly_lined_extended_loft_hatch_top

Looks good.  Lets get the timber loft ladder into place…

…a few minutes of heavy grunting and lifting later and…


We’re in!

Time to open it up, make sure its all screwed and secured into place and cut down to size accordingly.

18_new_timber_loft_ladder_from_top 19_new_timber_loft_ladder_from_top_2 20_new_timber_loft_ladder_underneath 21_timber_loft_ladder_open_from_top

With that done.  We must make sure all the insulation and boarding around the area is nicely put back into place and looks good.


All done.  Lets go down the ladder and make sure the underside now all looks nice and is ready for the customer to paint after we have left.


This is how it looks, but are now going to apply nice architrave to finish it off nicely.


Architrave at the ready.  Lets cut it to size.


Now apply to hatch accordingly.


And the finished article…

27_new_timber_loft_ladder_finished 28_new_timber_loft_ladder_finished_open_folded 29_new_timber_loft_ladder_finished_open_unfolded

Lovely job! If you are interested in having a timber loft ladder installed, please click here and fill out the form to have a survey done.

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