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Posted on June 4, 2013

Location – Croydon, Surrey

This week we were supposed to install an Easiway loft ladder, but unfortunately, and it does happen from time to time, this customer did not have the clearance space inside the loft.

We recommended the Telesteps, telescopic loft ladder.  This loft ladder is ideal for solutions with little clearance.  The product, is robust and high quality and takes up little space inside the loft.  The customer agreed to have the work done…

Lets get to work…

Here is the current loft hatch.  We know already that we will need to put a new one on, this will be the last job.


The fitter examines the hatch carefully (to be honest I am not sure what he is examining either)


Right… to work!


We remove the loft hatch and set about getting the telescopic loft ladder ready for installation.

04_telesteps_telescopic_loft_ladder  05_preparing_telescopic_loft_ladder

Ready, now time to install the telescopic loft ladder into the hatch

06_fitting_telescopic_loft_ladder_in_place  07_fitting_telescopic_loft_ladder_in_place_2

Superb, now the telescopic loft ladder is screwed into place, lets have a look.

08_testing_telescopic_loft_ladder  09_new_telescopic_loft_ladder_from_top 10_new_telescopic_loft_ladder  11_telescopic_loft_ladder_compact 12_telescopic_loft_ladder_stowed_away

Now the telescopic loft ladder is in place, it is time to fit on a new hinge down hatch door.

13_fitting_new_loft_hatch_door  14_fitting_new_loft_hatch_door_2 15_applying_catch_for_loft_hatch_door  16_new_loft_hatch

Looks great, good job! do not forget to get in touch if you wish to have your own loft ladder installed.  We have options for most scenarios.

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