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Posted on November 18, 2013

Location – Winchmore Hill, London

Good morning all.  Mid November now and we still had great weather to fit a VELUX skylight.  So we did.  Only thing is, this VELUX skylight was out of their standard range, it was a massive window.  It measures 1140mm in width and 1800mm in length.

Prior to this customer moving into their house, the last owner had fitted a DIY window onto the side of the roof, it was starting to cause mold and rot.  We had a big job to remove this skylight and tile around the roof as the new VELUX dimensions were never going to be exactly the same.  We also had to do some boxing in work on the inside too.  This would take a few days, so we got to work.

Day 1


We had scaffolding put up for us, you can see the size of this DIY skylight on the side of the roof.  We had to remove this.  So we climb the scaffolding and get to work.


Here is the current skylight.  You can see its in need of replacement.  So we start work removing it.

03_removing_glass_from_old_skylight  04_removing_glass_from_old_skylight_2 05_starting_to_remove_old_skylight_frame

Once the glass is all carefully removed, we have to remove the old timber.

06_removing_old_skylight_frame  07_removing_old_skylight_frame_2 08_old_skylight_and_frame_removed

With the timber and glass removed, we are now down to roof level.  Believe it or not, this took most of the day so we have to fit a tarpaulin sheet to the opening to stop any overnight rain coming in.

For the remainder of the day, we worked on the inside by creating the frame for the new VELUX skylight to fit to.

09_building_internal_frame_for_new_velux  10_building_internal_frame_for_new_velux_2

Where you see gaps on top of the timber beam and below, we box around those areas nicely.


Day one all complete.  Old DIY skylight removed, tarpaulin secure, internal frame built. Tomorrow we install the VELUX.

See you in the morning…

Day 2

Good morning, the first thing we do this morning is remove the tarpaulin and where the frame is at the bottom, we put tiles up to the bottom.


We then get the VELUX skylight out of the box, ready to bring to the roof for installation.


A quick pose for the camera to show everyone how big this window is

14_showing_off_size_of_new_velux  15_about_to_remove_sash_from_frame

We now remove the sash from the frame and take the frame upstairs.


With the frame now upstairs and ready to install, we then with much grunting, pull the frame to the roof.


Phew! that was heavy.  Time to install onto the roof…



Once the window is secured into place, it is time to tile nicely around the window

20_getting_ready_to_apply_tiles_to_new_velux  21_starting_to_tile_new_skylight 22_tiling_new_velux_skylight  23_new_skylight_from_the_ground 24_finishing_tiling  25_new_velux_tiled

All done and looks great, one last look at the inside

26_new_velux_skylight_fitted_open  27_new_velux_skylight_fitted_closed

Looks brilliant on the inside, all nicely boxed in, only a little bit of paint needed.  One last look at the outside before we go home…


Really good job, two good days of work.  If you would like your VELUX window installed or replaced by a VELUX 5* installer, please contact us on 020 8551 5800


Posted on November 12, 2013

Location – Chigwell, Essex

Today we are replacing 4 VELUX skylights in this loft bedroom.  The current VELUX skylights are very old and in desperate need of replacing.

This valued customer had not long prior to us coming, purchased blinds for these windows and had asked us to do our best to save the blinds… always at your service, lets see what we can do.

Let’s get to work…

Here is an image of two of the VELUX skylights.  The fitter gets to work on these two.  We wont bore you by showing you the process of each window as its the same, so we will show you as a whole job.


The fitter opens the VELUX and removes the sash from the frame

02_old_velux_skylight  06_old_velux 03_removing_old_velux_skylight_sash  05_old_velux_sash

Once this is done, we get to work on the outside, removing the VELUX frame.


VELUX frame removed.  We now have to install the new frame.

08_new_velux_frame   10_new_velux_frame_in_place13_fitting_another_new_velux_frame   09_fitting_new_velux_frame

The frame is in.  To give you an idea of how old the VELUX skylight was, here is a before and after shot, outside on the roof.



So now the two on one side of the house are done, we go over to the other side of the house.


The process will be the same, so here are the images of the process.

16_fitting_last_two_velux_skylights  18_new_velux_skylights_in_place

All frames are now installed.  The next job will be to install the VELUX sash’s into place on all 4 skylights.

17_new_velux_sash   21_inserting_another_velux_sash 22_inserting_another_velux_sash-2   23_demonstrating_new_velux24_2_more_velux_skylights_installed 25_new_velux_installed

Excellent, they look fantastic.  Now to do what we promised and that is to save the blinds.

26_re-fitting_old_blinds   27_re-fitting_old_blinds-2

Windows and blinds installed, let’s take a look at the finished article…

31_complete  30_done_new_velux_skylights_installed 19_new_velux_skylight_from_outside

And just before we leave, one last look from the outside…

29_new_velux_skylights_from_outside   28_new_velux_skylight_from_outside

If you would like your VELUX windows replaced by a VELUX 5* Installer please call us on 020 8551 5800

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