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Posted on February 3, 2014

Location – Kew, Surrey

Project – Velux Skylight Replacement

Hello from beautiful Surrey, this week we are paying a visit to a loft conversion done many years ago & has very old Velux skylights installed.  The glass has blown and the wood starting to rot.  We were called in to replace these with white Velux windows.  The current blackout blinds were also broken and would not open so this valued customer also wanted new Velux DKL blackout blinds installed.

Here is the current state of affairs:


We set to work removing the Velux window sashes.  We start off by removing the sash from the larger Velux window.


Once the sash is removed, we start removing the frame


After the frame is removed, we then move over to the other window, the top hung fire escape Velux and start to remove the sash.

04_removing_fire_escape_top_hung_velux  05_removing_sash_from_top_hung_velux_GPL

After the sash is removed.  We then start to remove the frame.

06_removing_sash_from_top_hunh_velux_GPL_2  07_removing_velux_GPL_top_hung_frame 08_removing_velux_GPL_top_hung_frame_2

We then get the Velux skylight replacements ready for installation

09_getting_new_white_velux_skylights_ready  10_new_white_velux_skylights_unboxed

We first take the smaller window frame upstairs and start to install it.

11_installing_new_velux_GPU_top_hung  12_installing_new_velux_GPU_top_hung_2

A quick moment to show off our latest fashion in the Loft Shop range.

13_flashy_new_loft_shop_jackets   14_showing_off_new_jacket

After the fashion show, we start to install the larger Velux skylight replacement.



All done and securely in place.  We now add some final touches around the edges of the window to make it look nice.

17_giving_the_edges_of_velux_frame_a_tidy   18_giving_the_edges_of_velux_frame_a_tidy_2

In go the sashes…

19_testing_new_GGU_velux_skylight   20_testing_new_GPU_top_hung_velux_skylight

Excellent, they look great!


Time to fit the blinds, larger window first…

22_new_velux_DKL_blackout_blind_installed   23_new_velux_DKL_blackout_blind_installed_2

Good job, now the top hung window…

24_installing_velux_DKL_blackout_blind   25_another_velux_DKL_blackout_blind_fitted 26_testing_velux_DKL_blackout_blind   27_both_velux_windows_with_blinds

Excellent job Mr Fitter.  Let’s have a quick look at the windows with the blackout blinds closed.


Superb, and one final look before we say thank you for all the tea and head home


We are happy to undertake VELUX roof window replacements, re-glazing and repair work, contact us on 020 8551 5800 for any queries.  We are also VELUX registered 5* installers.


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