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Posted on September 15, 2014

Location – Crouch End, London

Apologies for the lack of recent postings. We have been re developing your all new installation service website.

In the meantime we have been taking many snaps. This week we install 2 Velux skylights into a top floor flat in the gorgeous area of Crouch End in North London.  We are fitting two sizes, one is 1140 x 1180 in white.  This is known as a GGU SK06 and the other is 780 x 1400 in white.  This is known as a GGU MK08.

There were no Velux skylights here before and the room was quite dark.  It was our job to let in the light!

Let’s get to work…



Here we start to measure out where we will place the two windows.


We then remove the plasterboard for the first opening.  This is for the smaller Velux skylight, the GGU MK08.

3_creating_hole_for_new_velux_GGU_SK06   4_removing_battons

We then remove the plasterboard for the second opening, this is for the larger Velux skylight, the GGU SK06.  We then commence removing the battens to enable us to bring the slates into the room and off the roof.


The opening is now made for the GGU SK06 Velux skylight.


We then make the opening for the GGU MK08 Velux skylight.


Both openings are now formed for the Velux skylights.  Wow a lot more light in the room now!

A little more work to do still, we have to create frames for the openings, to fit the windows to.

Quick sandwich and back to work…

8_installing_velux_GGU_SK06   9_installing_velux_GGU_MK08

1 Velux GGU SK06 and 1 Velux GGU MK08 installed.  We just have to put the window sashes in (the glass).

11_new_velux_GGU_MK08_installed 12_new_velux_GGU_SK06_installed

They look beautiful.  A lot more light in now.  The customer got in a plasterer to make good the edges and then sent us pictures to put up here, see below the finished (pre-paint) article.

13_Velux_GGU_SK06_made_good   14_Velux_GGU_MK08_made_good

A lovely job.  A dark living room in a top floor flat, now bright and airy.

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