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Posted on February 11, 2015

Installation of a Velux Skylight

Location – Ealing, West London

This week we are visiting a home which has a Velux skylight already in place.  They have an old Velux C04 which is 550mm wide and 980mm in depth.

The Velux skylight is in a bedroom and for the size of the room it is a small window.  We have been bought in to make the opening wider and fit a new generation Velux UK04 which is 1340mm wide and the same depth of 980mm.

We get to work…

First we start removing the tiles around the current Velux skylight, then we remove the frame.

01_current_velux_C04   02_removing_velux_C04


Old Velux frame removed.  We now have to remove the tiles from the other end to enable us to make the opening bigger for the new Velux skylight.

04_removing_tile_to_create_larger_opening    05_opening_ready_to_enlarge

Now that the tiles are removed, we can extend the width of the opening.


We remove the plasterboard and insulation and then we commence cutting the timber.

07_opening_enlarged   08_opening_ready_for_lining

So now the opening has been made for the new Velux skylight.  We need to line the opening with timber.

09_lining_bottom_of_opening   10_lining_top_of_opening

Timber installed and ready to fit the Velux skylight.  But first…


We take some time to have a quick sandwich and get a cheeky picture of our lovely clean van.

Ok sandwich eaten, we get the new Velux skylight out of the van and ready for un-boxing.


We remove the window from the box and then remove the frame from the sash.


We then take the frame upstairs to its new home and fit it into place…

14_installing_velux_UK04_frame_1   15_installing_velux_UK04_frame_2

A quick run downstairs and have a look at how the work is going from the outside…

16_installing_velux_frame_from_outside_1   17_installing_velux_frame_from_outside_1

Ok the window frame is now installed, it is time to fit the sash into place…


Velux GGL UK04 3050 now installed.


We now install the Velux DKL UK04 blackout blind…


All done, one last look from the outside before we leave to check all the tiles are neat and look good…


Excellent! would you like a Velux window installed, replaced or even serviced? contact us on 020 8551 5800, we are waiting to help you.

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