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Posted on July 18, 2015

Installation of a Velux Roof window

Location – Basildon, Essex

This week we are in Basildon, Essex.  We are replacing an old Velux roof window, size 1140mm x 1180mm.  The old roof window is very rotten and is over 20 years old.

We are lucky with a lovely day! Let’s get to work…


Here you can see the old Velux roof window from the outside.  We could tell the age straight away, as it had that gold cladding around the outside.


You can see here from this inside view that the Velux roof window is starting to rot.


We get to work on removing the roof window sash.

4_velux_sash_removed 5_old_velux_sash

The sash is now removed.  It is time to remove the frame.

6_removing_old_velux_1  7_removing_old_velux_28_removing_old_velux_3

Look how hard our fitter works…!

Now that the old rotten frame is removed, Our next step is to prepare the new window for installation.

We need to remove the new sash from the frame first.  This is because the frame gets fitted first and the sash is the last thing to go in.

9_preparing_new_velux_1 10_preparing_new_velux_2

11_frame_for_new_velux 12_new_velux_sash

The next stage is to install the frame…


With the new frame nicely in place and secure, we bring the new sash into the house and install it.

14_new_velux_installed_1 15_new_velux_installed_2

If you have an old roof window and would like it replaced, please call us on 020 8551 5800.  We replace all makes and models.




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