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Posted on September 21, 2015

Fakro Roof Window Installation

Location – Enfield, Middlesex

Hello from Enfield in Middlesex / North London. This week we are installing a Fakro roof window.

Fakro are a very innovative manufacturer of roof window.  With very high specification components.


The Fakro topSafe system is a unique system only available on the Fakro roof window, making it the safest roof window on the market.


This customer already had a roof window in their loft and they wanted another one to sit alongside it.

We get straight to work marking where we will cut out the plasterboard.

1_Marking Plasterboard

We then start cutting the opening for the Fakro roof window

2_Cutting Opening_1 3_Cutting Opening_24_Cutting Opening_3 5_Cutting Opening_46_Cutting Opening_5

Now that the opening has been created and prepared, we have to get the Fakro roof window frame ready…

7_New Fakro Window Frame 8_Applying Brackets To Fakro Window_19_Applying Brackets To Fakro Window_2

We apply the brackets to the frame.  This will allow us to fix the window to the roof.  Once the window has been fixed to the roof, we have to apply the flashing kit.  The flashing kit stop the rain water from coming into the loft.

10_Fakro Tile Flashing Kit 11_Applying Flashing Kit Around Fakro Window12_Applying Bottom Flashing To Fakro Window 13_Applying Top Hood Cover To Fakro Window

Here is the new roof window fixed to the roof.

14_New Fakro Window Frame In Place

The roof window is now ready for the sash…

15_Installing Fakro Window Sash_1 16_Installing Fakro Window Sash_217_Installing Fakro Window Sash_3

The new Fakro roof window has now been installed, here is an internal and external image…

18_New Fakro Window Installed 19_View From Outside

If you would like a Fakro roof window installed then please call us on 020 8551 5800 or fill out our form below

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