Monthly Archives: March 2019

Posted on March 3, 2019

Hey guys and welcome to this week’s edition of Loft shop’s fitting of the week. This week we installed a Zig Zag Junior ladder, so the customer can access his flat roof. These ladders are ideal for this type of occasion, they are a heavy-duty ladder that can be folded away with ease. So, let’s see how we got on.

We first start by having a quick measure up to double check the opening is big enough to install the ladder. Better safe than sorry!

Now that we have checked the measurements, we begin by fixing timbers to the opening for the ladder to be secured to.

Once the timbers have been fixed, we take a quick trip outside to unpack the ladder. Now to get the ladder back inside ready to be installed.

With the ladder now back inside, we now begin to install the ladder securely onto the timbers.

Now for the last little adjustments to the ladder…

… And the ladder is now complete. You’ve done it again Mr. Fitter! Good work, now our customer can access his flat roof on his new heavy-duty ladder.

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