Why Have A Loft Ladder? – 7 Reasons To Have A Loft Ladder

Easiway Loft Ladder
1. Convenience Tired of going to the shed or garage to get that step ladder? Tired of scratching the walls bringing the ladder up the stairs? What about quick and easy access to the loft? – That’s what a loft ladder will do. Not as agile as you used to be? A loft ladder is a lot simpler and easier to use and stable. No need to push up that old heavy hatch door while balancing. A nice light weight hinge down door is a lot lighter and easier to use while standing on the floor using supplied pole. 2. Safety Feel unsafe stepping on a small step ladder or even a chair (please don’t do that, it’s dangerous!) a loft ladder is securely fastened to your joists or hatch so it’s much safer and more secure. 3. Inexpensive Not as expensive as you think. Did you know it costs around £60 – £400 to have a normal extension ladder which you need to pull out every time and put up to the hatch? It costs from only £99 exc VAT to have a loft ladder installed? Bargain! 4. Access For Trades People As part of their own health and safety, certain gas companies need easy access to your boiler or the plumber if applicable.
5. Environmentally Friendly Some loft hatches are insulated, this will save you money on energy bills. 6. Storage Easy access for the storage of suitcases, Christmas decorations etc 7. First step to a new room An often use loft ladder is the first step to a new room, you could go for added light with a roof window in the loft space.
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