Posted on March 23, 2015

Installation of an Aluminium Loft Ladder

Location – Southgate, London

This week we are in north London fitting a loft ladder.  We are going to replace an old, heavy ladder and replace it with a light weight aluminium ladder, ideal for basic storage access to your loft space.

We set to work removing the old loft ladder.  Time for a quick pose in front of the old ladder first, yes?

01_old_heavy_loft_ladder_1   02_old_heavy_loft_ladder_2

Ok Mr Fitter, now that you have done posing, can you get to work?

Time to remove the old heavy product…


Once removed, we get the new loft ladder ready for installation…


We then erect the ladder and put against the opening, ready for fixing into place.

05_putting_new_ladder_in_place_1  06_putting_new_ladder_in_place_2

We than fix the handrail onto the customers chosen side (the left).


Our next job is to add the final touches in the fitting of the ladder itself to the loft hatch


Once this is done, we just test that it is working correctly

09_testing_new_loft_ladder_1   10_testing_new_loft_ladder_2

Now that we are happy that the product is in excellent working order and installed well.  We do a full test from opening the hatch and taking down the ladder. This is then demonstrated to the customer.

11_new_aluminium_loft_ladder_1   12_new_aluminium_loft_ladder_2

Open the loft hatch and attach the pole to the ladder…


Then pull the ladder down with the supplied pole.

14_new_aluminium_loft_ladder_4   15_new_aluminium_loft_ladder_5

Then pull the ladder down to the ground and make your journey into the loft space, a safe and secure one.

If you want a loft ladder like this supplied and installed, click here to view our range ideal for just basic storage access to your loft.