Posted on February 14, 2016

Easiway Loft Ladder Installation

Location – Shooters Hill, London

Hello from South East London  This week we are installing another Easiway loft ladder.  Ideal loft ladders for  basic access to your loft space.

This job was fairly straightforward as our customer already had an old aluminium loft ladder in place and a hinge down hatch door.

Our job was to safely remove the old loft ladder and replace it with a new Easiway loft ladder.  The hatch door that was already present did not need changing, we therefore kept the door in place and applied a new twist catch.

We get to work but firstly removing the old loft ladder.


We then get the new Easiway loft ladder ready for installation


After the Easiway is unpacked, we then fix it into place


We then open the Easiway loft ladder and test it is working well…


After our testing has been completed, we then make any final adjustments necessary.


The last job left is to create a new twist catch on the existing loft hatch door.


If you would like a loft ladder installed, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8551 5800, we would be happy to help you.