Posted on February 1, 2016

Easiway Loft Ladder Installation

Location – Ilford, Essex

Hello from Ilford, Essex.  This week we are installing another Easiway loft ladder.  Ideal loft ladders for  basic access to your loft space.

Sometimes we have to put new hatch doors on if for whatever reason, we are unable to use the door you have.  In order to save you money and with your permission we can occasionally use your current door and hinge it down, as we do on this fitting.

Let’s get to work…


Here is the current loft hatch opening.  The hatch door before was a simple lid which sat on top and pushed up and inside the loft.

We then get the new Easiway loft ladder ready for installation…



Once the Easiway is unpacked, we then install the loft ladder into the hatch opening.


Once the Easiway is fixed into place, we then prepare the existing hatch door for hinging down.


We then test pulling the loft ladder and hatch down.


Successful test! We then put the ladder away and tidy up…


If you would like a basic ladder like the Easiway or Spacemaker fitted then please click here to fill out our simple form.