Posted on August 24, 2015

Fakro Loft Ladder Installation

Location – Forest Hill, London

Hello from Forest Hill in south east London. This week we are installing a Fakro loft ladder. These loft ladders are ideal for those who want more frequent access to their loft space. Maybe you wish to have an office or workshop in the loft?

The Fakro LWK timber loft ladder comes complete with hatch and frame and is completely insulated, therefore there is no need to worry about any draughts.

We have been bought into this job to create a brand new opening in a different location, then install the new loft ladder.

We get straight to work…


First we clear the area, to create space for the Fakro loft ladder.

02_creating_hole_in_ceiling 03_creating_hole_in_ceiling

We then start creating the new opening for the loft ladder.


While the fitter creates the new opening, we pop down to the van to unpack the new Fakro timber loft ladder.


Meanwhile in the loft, the fitter is lining the opening with new timber.


Once the opening is lined, we start removing the plasterboard.  Carefully…


Beautiful job! the opening is made. We now need to install the new Fakro loft ladder.

08_installing_new_timber_loft_ladder 09_installing_new_timber_loft_ladder-2

Mr Fitter takes the Fakro loft ladder into the loft space.  He then ensures its straight and well installed.

10_applying_architrave_1 11_applying_architrave_2 12_applying_architrave_3

We then apply the architrave to give the loft ladder a lovely finish.


A lovely job done.  If you wish to have a timber loft ladder installed, please contact us on 020 8551 5800, we would be happy to assist you.