Posted on June 5, 2016

Optilight Roof Window & Fakro Loft Ladder Installation

This week, we are installing an Optilight Roof Window and a Fakro Loft Ladder in one home. We undertook the installation at the same time but for this article we will show the jobs separately.

The Optilight Roof Window has been part of our range for a number of years, this brand provides a great option for natural daylight at a lower cost. The Loft Ladder was fully integrated with a frame and insulated hatch door.

We will demonstrate the Loft Ladder installation first:



Here is the current loft hatch.  We have to enlarge it slightly:


After the opening is enlarged and lined correctly, we then bring the new timber loft ladder up to fix into place:


Now that the timber loft ladder is fixed into place, we apply architrave to provide a neat finish:



All done, we have a lovely finish and new timber loft ladder installed



Now we get onto the roof window, we start by cutting a pilot hole, we then take accurate measurements and carefully cut out the plasterboard and remove the roof tiles:



We then head downstairs to collect the Optilight Roof Window


Once the Roof Window is ready, we swiftly remove the roof battens


We then build a lining frame for the roof window and install the Optilight Roof Window.