Loft Ladder & Roof Window Price List

Product CodeProduct DescriptionPrice £ INC VAT
LLTS0245Telesteps from 2.35m to 2.45m£410.00
LLTS0293Telesteps from 2.65m to 2.93m£570.00
TAF10Concertina Loft Ladder 2.46m – 2.73m£370.00
TAF11Concertina Loft Ladder 2.73m – 3.00m£370.00
LLTFK111553 Section Timber 550 x 1110mm£570.00
LLTFK12063 Section Timber 600 x 1200mm£570.00
LLTFK12073 Section Timber 700 x 1200mm£715.00
LLTFKDH12063 Section Timber (piston assisted) 600 x 1200mm£870.00
LLSFWH12063 Section Steel (white hatch) 600 x 1200mm£605.00
Product CodeProduct DescriptionPrice £ INC VAT
RWOL0507550 x 780£750
RWOL0509550 x 980£770
RWOL0611660 x 1180£820
RWOL0709780 x 980£820
RWOL0711780 x 1180£855
RWOL0714780 x 1400£880
RWOL11111140 x 1180£950
RWOL13091340 x 980£980
Product CodeProduct DescriptionPrice £ INC VAT
FTPVP201550 x 780£932
FTPVP202550 x 980£960
FTPVP216550 x 1180£993
FTPVP203660 x 980£1,003
FTPVP204660 x 1180£1,050
FTPVP205780 x 980£1,016
FTPVP206780 x 1180£1,081
FTPVP207780 x 1400£1,138
FTPVP208940 x 1180£1,192
FTPVP209940 x 1400£1,250
FTPVP2101140 x 1180£1,280
FTPVP2111140 x 1400£1,323
FTPVP2121340 x 980£1,255
Product CodeProduct DescriptionPrice £ INC VAT
GGL CK02 2070550 x 780£950
GGL CK04 2070550 x 980£975
GGL CK06 2070550 x 1180£995
GGL FK06 2070660 x 1180£1,055
GGL MK04 2070780 x 980£1,025
GGL MK06 2070780 x 1180£1,090
GGL MK08 2070780 x 1400£1,155
GGL PK08 2070940 x 1400£1,270
GGL PK10 2070940 x 1600£1,310
GGL SK06 20701140 x 1180£1,290
GGL UK04 20701340 x 980£1,280
GGL UK08 20701340 x 1400£1,425
Product CodeProduct DescriptionPrice £ INC VAT
LXB0001Timber Safety Rail£154.80
LSMDF090MDF Hatch up to 900 x 900mm£39.00
LSMDF010MDF Hatch up to 900 x 900mm£59.00
LHMT0001Plastic Loft Hatch 726 x 566mm£174.00
LSE0999Lath Plaster Ceiling£158.40
LSE0999Architrave to opening£49.20
LSE0999Lining to opening£49.20
LXH0001Additional Handrail for 3 section timber£54.00
  • All prices include VAT. All other fitting labour will be charged out at £90.00 per hour (inc. VAT)
  • Fitting prices for loft shop products not listed above are available on request.
  • Fitting appointment times will be confirmed but please ensure you are in attendance one hour before and after to allow for any factors out of our control such as cancellation of a previous appointment or traffic congestion.
  • The work that the fitter will carry out includes the supply and fitting of the product but not remedial work such as making good or painting / decorating
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