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Posted on September 21, 2015

Fakro Roof Window Installation

Location – Enfield, Middlesex

Hello from Enfield in Middlesex / North London. This week we are installing a Fakro roof window.

Fakro are a very innovative manufacturer of roof window.  With very high specification components.


The Fakro topSafe system is a unique system only available on the Fakro roof window, making it the safest roof window on the market.


This customer already had a roof window in their loft and they wanted another one to sit alongside it.

We get straight to work marking where we will cut out the plasterboard.

1_Marking Plasterboard

We then start cutting the opening for the Fakro roof window

2_Cutting Opening_1 3_Cutting Opening_24_Cutting Opening_3 5_Cutting Opening_46_Cutting Opening_5

Now that the opening has been created and prepared, we have to get the Fakro roof window frame ready…

7_New Fakro Window Frame 8_Applying Brackets To Fakro Window_19_Applying Brackets To Fakro Window_2

We apply the brackets to the frame.  This will allow us to fix the window to the roof.  Once the window has been fixed to the roof, we have to apply the flashing kit.  The flashing kit stop the rain water from coming into the loft.

10_Fakro Tile Flashing Kit 11_Applying Flashing Kit Around Fakro Window12_Applying Bottom Flashing To Fakro Window 13_Applying Top Hood Cover To Fakro Window

Here is the new roof window fixed to the roof.

14_New Fakro Window Frame In Place

The roof window is now ready for the sash…

15_Installing Fakro Window Sash_1 16_Installing Fakro Window Sash_217_Installing Fakro Window Sash_3

The new Fakro roof window has now been installed, here is an internal and external image…

18_New Fakro Window Installed 19_View From Outside

If you would like a Fakro roof window installed then please call us on 020 8551 5800 or fill out our form below

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Posted on January 15, 2015

Location – Forest Hill, London

This week, this valued customer wanted us to fit a wooden loft ladder along with a roof window to allow natural daylight into his loft space.  Both products were from a manufacturer called Fakro.  They make very high quality roof windows and loft ladders.

The wooden loft ladder would require a new opening to be made in the ceiling, no problem… lets get to work.

All products in van ready to go..


This is where the loft ladder is going to be fitted, image of hall way and inside loft.

03_position_of_new_loft_hatch    04_where_new_timber_loft_ladder_will_go

This is where the Fakro roof window will go.


We will show you the roof window fitting first, then scroll down to see the loft ladder fitting.

So we get to work fitting the Fakro roof window…

06_tiles_removed_from_roof    07_skylight_opening_taking_shape

08_skylight_openng_1    09_opening_ready_for_fakro_skylight

As you can see, the opening for the Fakro skylight is now ready for window frame to be installed.


We hop down to the van and get the Fakro skylight.  We un-package it and install it into the preformed opening.


Now the window is installed, we have to put the flashing kit around the window and tile it up on the outside.

12_fakro_roof_window_flashing_kit    13_placing_tiles_around_fakro_window

All done, now we need to install the roof window sash to finish the job.

14_fakro_window_sash    15_installing_fakro_window_sash

Brilliant, all done.  Fakro skylight fully installed


Now onto the timber loft ladder…


We clear the area where the loft ladder will go.  Then we cut the timber joist.


We then re line the opening to form the frame for the loft ladder and remove the laths.

20_framing_area_for_wooden_loft_ladder    21_laths_removed

Now that the frame is made, we then cut the plasterboard ceiling to form the opening for the loft ladder.

22_opening_created_for_wood_loft_ladder    23_opening_created_for_wood_loft_ladder_1

Another visit to the van to get the loft ladder…


We then install the loft ladder into the preformed opening.

25_fakro_loft_ladder_in_place   26_fixing_fakro_loft_ladder_in_place 27_fakro_loft_ladder

Now the ladder is installed, we finish it off underneath with architrave.

28_ready_to_apply_architrave    29_fitting_architrave

All done, lets have a look at the ladder all fitted…


Fakro timber folding loft ladder and roof window installed.  If you would like a roof window or loft ladder installed please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8551 5800




Posted on March 5, 2014

Location – Basildon, Essex

This week we are visiting a home which had a large (very large) skylight in their kitchen.  It must have been there since the house was built.  The skylight was just several sheets of glass encased in lead.  We would have to remove the sheets of glass (carefully) and bring in the frame slightly.  The reason for this is because no roof window on the market had a product which was the exact size.  Fakro roof windows however had a product which was very close, there would be a little bit of frame work to do but nothing that can not be made “pretty” afterwards with a bit of plasterboard.

We get to work…


Here is the current product, the glass has blown and it is leaking and being in the kitchen, you can imagine, this is not pleasant for the home owners.


We then very carefully remove the glass, we had to be slow and careful as they were big sheets of glass.


We then prepare the opening for the Fakro roof window.


After the opening was prepared for the Fakro roof window, we then get the frame ready.

05_frame_ready_for_fakro_roof_window  06_time_to_install_fakro_roof_window

The frame is now ready to install the Fakro roof windows.


We then commence work on installing the Fakro roof windows.  You can see these are quite large.


The Fakro roof windows are now in place, now its time to put the window sashes into place.


All done and fitted, one skylight replaced with two lovely Fakro roof windows.  All that is needed now is a little cosmetic work (plasterboard and plastering)

Do you have an old roof window? Velux or otherwise? do you have an old skylight which needs replacing? Let us quote, call us on 020 8551 5800.

Posted on March 11, 2013

Location – Croydon, Surrey

This week we were blessed with lovely weather.  Perfect for fitting a roof window.  In fact today we are replacing an existing roof window.  The current roof window was very worse for wear and of such an age that we didn’t even know what make it was (I know we are shocked too!).

Time to get to work.

We started by removing the sash, this was tricky as it was sealed shut, you can see from the images how bad a state the window was in.
01_removing_old_roof_window 02_removing_old_roof_window_2

We managed to release the sash from its seal and remove it from the frame.

03_removing_old_roof_window_3 04_old_roof_window_removed

It was then time to move the tiles out the way and remove the frame from the roof.

05_moving_tiles_for_new_flashing 06_removing_old_roof_window_frame

Fantastic and neatly done too.  Time to get the new Fakro roof window out the van and ready to install onto the roof.

07_new_fakro_roof_window 08_new_fakro_roof_window_2 09_new_fakro_roof_window_3

Once we removed the sash from the frame, we install the new Fakro roof window frame onto the roof.

10_fitting_new_roof_window_frame 11_fitting_new_roof_window_frame_2 12_new_roof_window_frame_in_place

Looking good! looking good! Now we have to install the flashing kit around the Fakro roof window (the flashing kit is what keeps the water out).

13_fitting_new_flashing_kit 14_fitting_new_flashing_kit_2

All done and ready to put in the Fakro roof window sash.


It’s in and looks great.  Good job!

16_new_fakro_roof_window 17_new_fakro_roof_window_2

If you are interested in having a Fakro or alternative roof window fitted, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8551 5800 or visit our showroom.

Posted on January 28, 2013

Location – Croydon, Surrey

The icy roads were not going to stop us serving our valued customers! we set off nice and early and head down to Croydon to replace an existing VELUX roof window.

The customer wanted his roof window replaced as the current one has been in there for many years and was never installed correctly in the first place.  Super Loft Shop to the rescue!

Here is the existing VELUX roof window.


It is a fairly large size roof window so it takes two strong lads to lift out the sash so we can get to work on removing the frame.


Sash removed and commencing frame removal.


Aha the frame has now been removed.


It is now time to replace the old frame with the fresh new one.


Looking good and fresh.  Lets make sure it is securely in place before we can put the new window sash back in.


All secure and roof window is ready


Time to place the new sash in.


It was like we were never here.  Great job!

If you would like to have a roof window installed, repaired or replaced, please do not hesitate to contact us or visit our showroom.  Click here.  

Posted on December 4, 2012

Location – Chingford, London

Another valued customer, who already had a velux roof window fitted in a loft conversion built a few years prior.  This gentleman wanted another window fitted along side the other one.  We got to work…

This is the current velux roof window, and we will be installing a new velux roof window to the right hand side.

We got to work, cutting out the plasterboard.


One important thing, we need to ensure that the new window is level with the previously installed velux roof window

Once we are sure its level, we set out completing the opening for the new roof window


Now let there be light!

While the fitter prepared the opening ready for the window, I set off and got the velux roof window ready



The next step was to take window sash (glass part) out of the frame so that it could be installed into the newly formed opening.


Once the frame is in and secured into place.  We had to make sure the area around the frame is watertight.  This calls for the flashing kit! …flashing kit??? ah there you are…

Once the flashing kit is in place, its time to tile around velux roof window.


All tiled, all water tight and securely in place.  It is time to get the sash ready and put into place.


Brilliant, we are done! A new velux roof window supplied and fitted.

Posted on October 26, 2012

Location – Grays, Essex

Its a day to fit a roof window, we are out and about in Essex, sadly no cast of TOWIE were around.  But nonetheless its time to get to work opening up someones roof.  Nice view once the roof is open too.


Right, opening made, its time to ready the roof window


What we have to do now, is take the window sash out of the frame and install the frame into the prepared opening.


While the expert was getting the frame installed, I got the flashing and cladding kit ready to be installed onto the frame (I get all the good jobs!)

Once the flashing kit is put around the window, it was time to get the tiles to size and place them around the window for a nice neat finish.


Ok Mr Fitter, tiles all done? neat finish? great! lets get the sash in as its starting to rain!


Its in! its done and looks great! – I guess I will tidy up then Mr Fitter? I do get all the good jobs after all!