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Posted on January 22, 2013

Location – Peckham, London

The day after the “big freeze”, roads still icy and somewhat snowy.  We are off to south London to install an Easiway loft ladder (the ideal solution for basic storage access to your loft).

The great thing about these ladders are that we do not have to adjust the size of your current loft opening.  We only have to hinge down the door as around 90% of the time you will have a door which pushes up and into the loft.

Here we have the current opening, we pushed the door up and removed it.


The first job was to install the loft ladder by fixing it to the opening, we set out doing this by preparing the loft ladder first.

2_new_easiway_loft_ladder  3_easiway_loft_ladder_upackaged

4_preparing_loft_ladder  5_preparing_loft_ladder_2

Now that the loft ladder is prepared and ready to go.  It was time to install the loft ladder into the hatch opening.

6_fixing_loft_ladder  7_loft_ladder_fixed_into_place 8_new_loft_ladder

Please note – you may notice this loft ladder is fitted off centre and to the right.  This is only because there is a cupboard in the way stopping the loft ladder being fitted in the centre which is what we would usually do.

Now its time to fit a new hinge down loft hatch door.

10_applying_new_door_2  9_applying_new_door

Once this is all done, we tested it all works well and time to demonstrate the product to the customer for their final approval.

11_demonstrating_loft_ladder  12_demonstrating_loft_ladder_2 13_demonstrating_loft_ladder_3

If you would like to have one of these products installed, please click here and fill out the form.

Posted on January 10, 2013

Location – Maida Vale, London

Early morning and we are ready to set off to a gym in Maida Vale, west London.  Not for pre-work exercise to work off those Christmas mince pies, but to install a new loft ladder for servicemen to access.  As it was for tradesmen and servicemen, the best ladder to fit was a steel loft ladder. There was a ladder in place already but it was old and in need to replacing.  Lets get to work!

Here we are ready to go into the void and take out the old loft ladder
1_current-opening  2_current-opening

Hatch open and time to take out the old loft ladder.

3_removing-old-loft-ladder  4_removing-old-loft-ladder  5_removing-old-loft-ladder

Once the old ladder is removed, we set out removing the existing frame around the current hatch opening

6_amending-frame-for-new-loft-ladder  7_amending-frame-for-new-loft-ladder

Frame all removed.  Now its removed we need to extend the current hatch as the new loft ladder that we are putting in has a hatch length of 1200mm.  Time to start sawing!

8_extending-opening-for-new-loft-ladder  9_extending-opening-for-new-loft-ladder

While the expert does the hard work, I will un-package the loft ladder (I am not good for much else)

10_new-steel-loft-ladder  11_new-steel-loft-ladder

While I am getting the ladder ready, our fitter continues to prepare the opening with new timber lining


Aha new extended opening ready to go!


Now that the hatch is ready and waiting, our loyal fitter prepares the final touches to install the loft ladder.


Is it ready yet? yes he says! ok its time to put the loft ladder into place.

15_fitting-new-loft-ladder  16_fitting-new-loft-ladder

17_fitting-new-loft-ladder  18_fitting-new-loft-ladder

lovely job! lets fix the ladder into position now and make any necessary adjustments to the loft ladder to ensure its safe and the angle is correct.

19_fixing-new-loft-ladder-into-place  20_adjusting-loft-ladder-steps  21_cutting-loft-ladder-feet-to-size

Ladder all secure in place, angle adjusted so its correct.  Now its time to put a nice architrave around the ladder to make it look lovely and professional.

21_fitting-architrave  22_fitting-architrave  23_finishing-architrave  24_new-loft-ladder-installed

Lovely job! looks great, show us how it looks open now please Mr Fitter.

26_opening-new-loft-ladder  27_opening-new-loft-ladder  28_opening-new-loft-ladder  29_new-loft-ladder-installed

Posted on December 12, 2012

Location – Ilford, Essex

It was a fresh and frosty morning in Ilford, Essex as we set out to install a wooden loft ladder for a lovely and friendly couple who gave us lots of tea as it was so cold outside.

This job involved using the existing opening and extending it.  You need to either extend the current opening or create a new opening for the timber loft ladders.  This is because timber loft ladders come with their own hatch and frame.

Lets get to work…

Firstly, here is a look at the current hatch.

We then made our way into the loft to start preparing the opening from inside.

Firstly, we had to tidy the area we were going to cut into.

Area now clear, time to line the opening, ready to be cut.

We started to cut the opening, ready for the new wooden loft ladder.



Opening made, it was time to neaten it up and line it, ready for the new wooden loft ladder.

Now that the new extended opening is ready, its time to get the timber loft ladder ready for installation.  You will notice from the images, that the ladder comes with its own hatch box and frame.  This is why existing openings needs to be cut to suit.


Ready and time to fit the ladder into the newly transformed opening.



Now that the new loft ladder is in place, its time to ensure its all fixed in safely.


Now, we have to ensure the height of the ladder is correct, so we cut down the bottom section.


New timber loft ladder is in place.

Now its time to tidy up the edges and make everything look fantastic!

Cutting the architrave to size…


It is complete! a lovely new wooden loft ladder with a large opening to fit all those suitcases and Christmas decorations through.

Would you like a timber ladder installed in your home? click here and scroll to the bottom of the page and fill out the form.

Posted on November 26, 2012

Location – Clayhall, Essex

This valued customer wanted a loft ladder installed for simple basic storage use.  We were going to fit the Easiway loft ladder into his current hatch opening.  The job also involved changing the door from the push up position so hinge downwards.

Firstly we had to amend to remove the hatch door from the current opening

Then we prepared the new loft ladder for installation

Then we put the ladder into place and fixed it into position


Time to test that all is secure and working safely

Here are some images for you to see what the ladder is like when inside the loft.


The ladder is installed and ready to use.


New loft ladder and amended door to hinge down.  Great job!

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Location – Watford, Hertfordshire

A fresh and frosty morning in Herfordshire.  The fog was just sitting above the fields.  We are on route to Watford to create a new opening and install a new timber loft ladder.

First things first.  We entered the loft through the smallest of openings on the landing

We went inside the loft to see what was what.  The new opening was going to be formed in the second bedroom as there was not enough room on the landing.


We then formed the opening from inside the loft.  There were no lights available so we had to make do with a torch.  No problem.

Opening made… yes we know it looks messy now… don’t worry, it will get there.  Time to get the ladder ready to be installed into the new fresh opening.

We then unpacked the ladder and installed it into the newly formed opening.


The edges still look a little rough, but we are getting there.  First things first, we need to test its all square and working correctly.


Ok, all secure and fixed into place.  Now we need to cut the ladder to size and finish off those edges.


Measuring and cutting the architrave to size.


Architrave all applied and looks great.  Good job!

Posted on October 18, 2012

15th October 2012

Location – Marylebone, London

It was a cold dark October morning and we were on our way to install a ladder in the heart of Sherlock Holmes country, Baker Street.

The job was to fit a 3 section timber loft ladder, to replace a very old loft ladder.  This is the product ready to go in all its glory.

The ladder was going into a communal area and starting nice, early and punctual as we do, we had to keep very quiet as many people were still asleep.  But we quickly got to work removing the old loft ladder.


After the removal of the old loft ladder, while our fitter Chris was preparing the opening for the new ladder, I got the new loft ladder ready for installation straight after the opening was  prepared


Then it was time to put the ladder into place, one of us had to go up into the loft and one of us had to stay underneath to secure it in place.  Well you can guess who went into the loft…. the one with the camera of course…


Now the ladder is in place inside the loft (it is staying in place with two timber pieces down each side) it is time to put the screws in and secure it into place.

Nearly there now, what we have to do now is ensure the ladder reaches the ceiling height.  As the ladder comes at a standard height of 2.8m, our ceiling here is less than that so we have to trim down the bottom of the ladder.


Length sorted, ladder fixed in place, the product is ready to go