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Posted on June 22, 2015

Timber Loft Ladder Installation

Location – Tottenham, London

Hello from Tottenham in north London. This week we are installing a timber folding loft ladder. These loft ladders are ideal for those who want more frequent access to their loft space.

This loft ladder comes complete with hatch and frame and is completely insulated, therefore there is no need to worry about any draughts.

We get straight to work…

Firstly, we set out enlarging the current hatch opening.


We then line the new extended loft hatch.

2_lining_opening_1  3_lining_opening_2 4_cutting_timber_to_length  5_lining_opening_3 6_lining_opening_4

The new loft hatch is lined correctly, we now have to remove the ceiling plasterboard…

7_opening_lined_ready_to_cut  8_cutting_plasterboard 9_plasterboard_cut_out

We have now lined the new loft hatch and extended the opening. It is now time to get the timber loft ladder ready for installation…


We then unpack the loft ladder

11_timber_loft_ladder_unpacked  12_timber_loft_ladder

Here is the hatch we made earlier, the timber loft ladder will fit nicely into this opening.


3, 2, 1 LIFT…! and the timber loft ladder is in place…

14_timber_loft_ladder_in_place  15_testing_timber_loft_ladder16_ready_to_fix_into_place

We now have to secure the timber loft ladder hatch frame into place.

17_fixing_loft_ladder_into_place_1  18_fixing_loft_ladder_into_place_2  17_fixing_loft_ladder_into_place_1  20_fixing_loft_ladder_into_place_4

The new loft ladder is now securely in place and nearly ready to use.  Just a few more jobs to undertake.

The next job is to ensure that the new loft ladder is correctly adjusted, the fitter gets straight onto this…

21_adjusting_loft_ladder_1 22_adjusting_loft_ladder_2 23_adjusting_loft_ladder_3

With the product now fully adjusted, we need to ensure the ladder section is cut down to size

25_cutting_ladder_to_size_1  26_cutting_ladder_to_size_227_cutting_ladder_to_size_3  28_applying_ladder_feet  29_ladder_section_ready

Fantastic job, the ladder is securely in place, the ladder section is nice and straight.  We now need to pop out to the van and get some architrave…


With the architrave in hand, we start work on applying it around the loft hatch.

30_applying_architrave_back 31_cutting_architrave32_measuring_up_architrave 33_fixing_architrave_to_left34_final_touches

Beautiful..! it looks great…


If you would like a timber loft ladder supplied and installed, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8551 5800.

Posted on May 22, 2014

Location – Benfleet, Essex

This week we are in sunny Essex.  We are fitting the brilliant piston assisted loft ladder.  This wooden loft ladder has a unique piston arm which allows for smooth operation.  It comes with a double extended handrail for added safety and extra strong springs to close the hatch door.

Our job here was to remove an old loft ladder and replace it with this wooden loft ladder.  We get to work…

Here is the current loft hatch.


We open up the hatch to checkout the current loft ladder.

02_opening_old_loft_ladder  03_opening_up_old_loft_ladder

We set out removing the current loft ladder from the hatch.


After the loft ladder is removed, we than have to remove the hatch frame.

06_removing_old_loft_ladder_architrave  05_removing_old_loft_ladder_frame_1

We also remove the hatch door from the current frame.


We than remove the old frame and make sure the opening is ready for the new wooden loft ladder.


Once the opening is ready, we then get the new wooden loft ladder out of the van.

09_unpacking_new_piston_loft_ladder  10_new_piston_timber_loft_ladder

It is now time to put the new wooden loft ladder into place.  Lift!!!


Phew! that was heavy! We now have to secure the wooden loft ladder into place

12_getting_ready_to_fix_ladder_into_place  13_new_wooden_loft_ladder_fitted_in_place

Now that the loft ladder is secured into place, we have to cut the ladder section down to size…

14_cutting_bottom_of_wooden_loft_ladder_to_size  15_cutting_wooden_ladder_to_size

We close up the ladder and have one final check that the hatch and frame is all level.


It is now nicely secured into place.  Let’s make is look nice with architrave…

17_applying_architrave  18_fitting_architrave 19_new_wooden_loft_ladder

Looks fantastic!

We now test the new loft ladder…

20_testing_opening_wooden_loft_ladder_1  21_testing_opening_wooden_loft_ladder_2 22_testing_opening_wooden_loft_ladder_3  23_testing_opening_wooden_loft_ladder_3 24_testing_opening_wooden_loft_ladder_4  25_new_piston_assisted_wooden_loft_ladder

Great job! if you would like a timber loft ladder installed, please call us on 020 8551 5800 to book in your survey.  Prices start from only £399 supplied and installed.

Posted on September 23, 2013

Location – Wembley, London

This week we travel to north west London just under the arch of Wembley football stadium. This valued customer wanted us to enlarge his loft hatch and install a lovely timber loft ladder there.  We are happy to oblige.

Time to get to work…

This is the current loft hatch, small and not easily accessible, not really practical to use.

01_current_loft_hatch   02_current_loft_hatch

We set out climbing into the loft to locate the hatch from above and start preparations for the installation of a timber loft ladder.

03_locating_loft_hatch_from_above 04_current_loft_hatch

We have to now clear the area of all the dust and anything in the way.  It is important to clear the dust as we do not want that dust going downstairs when we enlarge the opening.


Area now nice and clear.  We now start work on enlarging the opening to fit the timber loft ladder in place.

06_preparing_loft_hatch_for_extending 07_extending_loft_hatch 08_extending_loft_hatch

As you can see the opening is now nicely lined and securely screwed into place.  We now have to cut the opening to suit the size of the timber loft ladder.

We set out doing this carefully.


Superb work! let’s see what it looks like from underneath…


Massive difference.  The timber loft ladder will fit in there beautifully.  Final adjustments now to make on the opening before we install the timber loft ladder.


All ready… let’s fit the loft ladder…


Ladder ready and waiting for installation.  We just need to get it up into the loft now…


up she comes!


Ok its up, time to fit into place.


Lovely job, now we need to secure the loft ladder into place.

16_timber_loft_ladder_installed 17_securing_timber_loft_ladder 18_final_adjustments_to_timber_loft_ladder

All secure, we now cut the loft ladder down to size


Finished… a lovely new timber loft ladder and enlarged opening.


If you would like a timber loft ladder fitted into your loft, please click here and fill out the form, we will then contact you to arrange a survey.

Posted on September 2, 2013

Location – Borehamwood, Hertfordshire

This week, we are in leafy Hertfordshire.  This valued customer had a hole in the ceiling already and asked us to come in and trim the hole to size and install a new timber loft ladder.  Our timber loft ladder comes complete with their own insulated hatch door and frame.

Let’s get to work…


This is the hole that was there already.  We set to work trimming the opening to size.

02_measuring_up_loft_hatch   03_preparing_loft_hatch 04_preparing_loft_hatch_2   05_trimming_hatch_to_size

The opening is now trimmed to size for the new timber loft ladder.  Lets have a look at the hatch opening.

06_loft_hatch_ready_and_prepared_2   06_loft_hatch_ready_and_prepared

It is now time to prepare the new timber loft ladder for installation.

07_preparing_new_timber_loft_ladder   08_new_timber_loft_ladder_ready_to_be_installed

As you can see from the above images, the timber loft ladder comes complete with fully insulated hatch door and frame.  We prepare the loft ladder for installation.


Ah we have made a furry friend…


How are you sleeping with all our drilling?

ok back to work…


Hatch is ready for the timber loft ladder, bring it up Mr Fitter!

12_up_comes_timber_loft_ladder   13_new_timber_loft_ladder_about_to_be_installed

Superb, now time to install the timber loft ladder into the hatch opening…

14_timber_loft_ladder_lit_up_majestically   15_timber_loft_ladder_in_place 16_timber_loft_ladder

Excellent, the timber loft ladder is in place, we now have to make the relevant adjustments to it.


Now we need to trim the ladder section down to size so its nicely angled to walk up and down.

18_timber_loft_ladder_in_place_looking_good   19_steadying_timber_loft_ladder

All done, time for a small demonstration by the fitter…

20_testing_timber_loft_ladder   21_testing_timber_loft_ladder_2 22_testing_timber_loft_ladder_3   23_new_timber_loft_ladder

Great job! looks good.  If you would like a timber loft ladder installed, please click here and fill out the form or call us on 020 8551 5800.  We look forward to hearing from you.