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Posted on July 18, 2015

Installation of a Velux Roof window

Location – Basildon, Essex

This week we are in Basildon, Essex.  We are replacing an old Velux roof window, size 1140mm x 1180mm.  The old roof window is very rotten and is over 20 years old.

We are lucky with a lovely day! Let’s get to work…


Here you can see the old Velux roof window from the outside.  We could tell the age straight away, as it had that gold cladding around the outside.


You can see here from this inside view that the Velux roof window is starting to rot.


We get to work on removing the roof window sash.

4_velux_sash_removed 5_old_velux_sash

The sash is now removed.  It is time to remove the frame.

6_removing_old_velux_1  7_removing_old_velux_28_removing_old_velux_3

Look how hard our fitter works…!

Now that the old rotten frame is removed, Our next step is to prepare the new window for installation.

We need to remove the new sash from the frame first.  This is because the frame gets fitted first and the sash is the last thing to go in.

9_preparing_new_velux_1 10_preparing_new_velux_2

11_frame_for_new_velux 12_new_velux_sash

The next stage is to install the frame…


With the new frame nicely in place and secure, we bring the new sash into the house and install it.

14_new_velux_installed_1 15_new_velux_installed_2

If you have an old roof window and would like it replaced, please call us on 020 8551 5800.  We replace all makes and models.




Posted on March 2, 2015

Installation of a Velux Solar Skylight

Location – Sutton, Surrey

This week we are visiting a stunning home in Sutton, Surrey to install two large Velux Solar Skylights.  There are no skylights at present, therefore we are undertaking a completely new installation at this time.

Velux Solar Skylights are a brilliant way to operate your skylight when situated in out of reach positions.  Being solar powered, the window eliminates the need for any wiring and it works beautifully.

The Velux Solar Skylights are completely controlled by this stunning touch pad…


Enough jaw opening moments at the technology, lets get to work…


This is where the two Velux solar skylights are going to go.   A bit high up isn’t it?


Oh a tower! that’s better!

03_creating_opening_velux_solar_skylight  04_taking_dimensions_velux_solar_skylight

We commence works on creating the opening for the Velux windows.


Once the hole is made, we then start removing the tiles from the inside.


A quick glance of progress from the outside as our fitter removes the roof tiles.


Once the tiles are removed, we then line the opening with timber, ready to fit the frame of the first Velux solar skylight.

Once the opening is ready, we go outside and get the Velux window un-boxed and ready for installation.

08_velux_solar_window_boxed 09_velux_solar_window_opening 10_velux_solar_window_opened

We remove the window sash from its frame, ready for fitting.


We then install the frame into the pre-formed opening.


That is the first Velux almost complete, now that we have installed the frame, we repeated the process for the second Velux, see images below…

13_getting_second_opening_ready   14_view_from_outside 15_getting_second_opening_ready_2

Once both frames are in place, we then tile up around both windows and affix the solar panel on the outside of the Velux.

16_tiling_around_velux_solar  17_tiling_around_velux_solar_2

Excellent, all done, nicely installed.


We then have a quick look at them in action.


If you wish to have roof windows fitted, Velux or otherwise, be sure to contact us on 020 8551 5800, we would be delighted to help.

Posted on February 11, 2015

Installation of a Velux Skylight

Location – Ealing, West London

This week we are visiting a home which has a Velux skylight already in place.  They have an old Velux C04 which is 550mm wide and 980mm in depth.

The Velux skylight is in a bedroom and for the size of the room it is a small window.  We have been bought in to make the opening wider and fit a new generation Velux UK04 which is 1340mm wide and the same depth of 980mm.

We get to work…

First we start removing the tiles around the current Velux skylight, then we remove the frame.

01_current_velux_C04   02_removing_velux_C04


Old Velux frame removed.  We now have to remove the tiles from the other end to enable us to make the opening bigger for the new Velux skylight.

04_removing_tile_to_create_larger_opening    05_opening_ready_to_enlarge

Now that the tiles are removed, we can extend the width of the opening.


We remove the plasterboard and insulation and then we commence cutting the timber.

07_opening_enlarged   08_opening_ready_for_lining

So now the opening has been made for the new Velux skylight.  We need to line the opening with timber.

09_lining_bottom_of_opening   10_lining_top_of_opening

Timber installed and ready to fit the Velux skylight.  But first…


We take some time to have a quick sandwich and get a cheeky picture of our lovely clean van.

Ok sandwich eaten, we get the new Velux skylight out of the van and ready for un-boxing.


We remove the window from the box and then remove the frame from the sash.


We then take the frame upstairs to its new home and fit it into place…

14_installing_velux_UK04_frame_1   15_installing_velux_UK04_frame_2

A quick run downstairs and have a look at how the work is going from the outside…

16_installing_velux_frame_from_outside_1   17_installing_velux_frame_from_outside_1

Ok the window frame is now installed, it is time to fit the sash into place…


Velux GGL UK04 3050 now installed.


We now install the Velux DKL UK04 blackout blind…


All done, one last look from the outside before we leave to check all the tiles are neat and look good…


Excellent! would you like a Velux window installed, replaced or even serviced? contact us on 020 8551 5800, we are waiting to help you.

Posted on December 2, 2014

Location – Leyton, London

As the holiday season approaches and the rain sets in, we are cutting back on the Velux skylight installations but we are installing many loft ladders.  However we still managed to get in a few and this week is no exception.

This week we changing an old Velux skylight.  An old Velux GGL U08 is currently in place.  The Velux skylight was a little worse for wear, a new one was desperately needed.  We are going to replace the U08 with a new generation Velux GGL UK08.

So let’s get to work…

This is the old Velux skylight (GGL U08) in place.


Here it is open…


The first job is to remove the old sash from the roof window frame.


The next job is to remove the old Velux skylight frame itself.


After the Velux skylight frame is removed we start to install the new frame for the new generation GGL UK08.


So now the frame for the new generation roof window is installed, see image below…


The new roof window is nicely installed.  The next job would be to put the sash into place.  If you are not aware, the sash is basically the part which houses the glass and opens and closes.

7_new_UK04_sash_installed 8_all_new_velux_UK04_installed

This looks really nice, a massive improvement to how the old roof window was.  We now install a DKL blackout blind…


All done, another old Velux roof window replaced.  If you want your old roof window replaced (regardless of brand) please contact us on 020 8551 5800.

Posted on October 22, 2014

Location – Chingford, London

Hello from East London.   This week we are in a rather large house converted into stunning flats.  The top floor flat has two very old roof window skylights in place.  The sizes that were there, were 1340 x 1400 and 780 x 1400.  Our job was to replace them with Velux skylights.  the equivalent Velux skylights were GGL UK08 3050 (1340 x 1400) and GGL MK08 3050 (780 x 1400).

Lets get to work…

So our first job was to remove the roof window sashes (the glass part).

1_old_velux_skylight_larger    2_old_velux_skylight_smaller

Here is the sash of the bigger roof window removed


After the sashes are removed, we have to remove the frames of the roof windows to enable us to install the frames of the new Velux skylights.  Here is an image of the smaller frame removed


With the old roof windows completely removed, it is time to install the new Velux skylights.


Mr Fitter hard at work, fixing the new frame into place.

6_new_large_velux_skylight_installed    7_new_smaller_velux_skylight_installed

The all new frames of the Velux skylights are now in place and ready. The sashes need to be put in.  We also have blinds to install too.


This is the sash of the smaller Velux skylight (GGL MK08 3050).  All ready to be installed.

Time to put the sashes into place and fit the blinds…


That is the bigger window done.   The GGL UK08 3050.  Time to fit the blind to the smaller window, the GGL MK08 3050.

10_final_touches_on_smaller_velux    11_smaller_velux_skylight_complete

All done.  They look lovely.

Do you have an old roof window which is in need of a replacement? Do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8551 5800 or checkout our range here

Posted on September 15, 2014

Location – Crouch End, London

Apologies for the lack of recent postings. We have been re developing your all new installation service website.

In the meantime we have been taking many snaps. This week we install 2 Velux skylights into a top floor flat in the gorgeous area of Crouch End in North London.  We are fitting two sizes, one is 1140 x 1180 in white.  This is known as a GGU SK06 and the other is 780 x 1400 in white.  This is known as a GGU MK08.

There were no Velux skylights here before and the room was quite dark.  It was our job to let in the light!

Let’s get to work…



Here we start to measure out where we will place the two windows.


We then remove the plasterboard for the first opening.  This is for the smaller Velux skylight, the GGU MK08.

3_creating_hole_for_new_velux_GGU_SK06   4_removing_battons

We then remove the plasterboard for the second opening, this is for the larger Velux skylight, the GGU SK06.  We then commence removing the battens to enable us to bring the slates into the room and off the roof.


The opening is now made for the GGU SK06 Velux skylight.


We then make the opening for the GGU MK08 Velux skylight.


Both openings are now formed for the Velux skylights.  Wow a lot more light in the room now!

A little more work to do still, we have to create frames for the openings, to fit the windows to.

Quick sandwich and back to work…

8_installing_velux_GGU_SK06   9_installing_velux_GGU_MK08

1 Velux GGU SK06 and 1 Velux GGU MK08 installed.  We just have to put the window sashes in (the glass).

11_new_velux_GGU_MK08_installed 12_new_velux_GGU_SK06_installed

They look beautiful.  A lot more light in now.  The customer got in a plasterer to make good the edges and then sent us pictures to put up here, see below the finished (pre-paint) article.

13_Velux_GGU_SK06_made_good   14_Velux_GGU_MK08_made_good

A lovely job.  A dark living room in a top floor flat, now bright and airy.

If you would like a roof window installed in your home, why not check out our range, click here 

Posted on April 1, 2014

Location – East Finchley, London

This week we are heading to a beautiful part of London, on the boarders of the lovely Hampstead, we are in East Finchley.  Our job was to replace a very old skylight which in essence was just a piece of glass placed on a timber frame and sealed with lead.  We would have to carefully remove the glass, sheet by sheet.

The customer wanted us to install a white Velux (GGU) roof window.  Today we got to install the new generation Velux roof window.  It is a lovely roof window.

We get to work…


Here is the old skylight in place.  Two sheets of glass placed on a timber frame.  We set out carefully taking it apart.


First we removed the glass from the frame.  Once the glass is removed, we get to work removing the frame and lead to give us a nice level and clean canvass to work from.

03_removing_skylight_frame 04_skylight_frame_removed 05_opening_where_velux_will_go

With the frame all removed, its time to install a new frame for the Velux roof window to fit too.  Keep in mind roof windows are not made to measure so we had to adapt the opening ever so slightly to accommodate the Velux rood window.  All that would be required after the job would be a very small amount of plaster and paint.

Time to create the new frame…

06_preparing_frame_for_velux 07_frame_ready_for_velux 08_frame_ready_for_velux_1

As you can see its only a small amount of timber each side.  The frame is now done.  Let’s go and get the Velux roof window.

09_getting_velux_skylight_from_van  10_taking_velux_frame_inside
Velux window, unboxed, frame ready, it’s time to install the skylight.


Little look up at the sky prior to installation.  We now get to work installing the white Velux GGU roof window.

12_fixing_velux_frame_into_place   13_fixing_velux_flashing_kit

We had to install a few new slates too..


We then add the final touches to the installation

15_final_touches_to_velux_skylight 16_final_slates_being_put_into_place

All done, a brand new Velux skylight, supplied and professionally installed

17_new_velux_skylight_from_outside_Installed 18_new_velux_skylight_from_inside_installed

Do you have an old roof window? Velux or otherwise? do you have an old skylight which needs replacing? Let us quote, call us on 020 8551 5800.

Posted on February 3, 2014

Location – Kew, Surrey

Project – Velux Skylight Replacement

Hello from beautiful Surrey, this week we are paying a visit to a loft conversion done many years ago & has very old Velux skylights installed.  The glass has blown and the wood starting to rot.  We were called in to replace these with white Velux windows.  The current blackout blinds were also broken and would not open so this valued customer also wanted new Velux DKL blackout blinds installed.

Here is the current state of affairs:


We set to work removing the Velux window sashes.  We start off by removing the sash from the larger Velux window.


Once the sash is removed, we start removing the frame


After the frame is removed, we then move over to the other window, the top hung fire escape Velux and start to remove the sash.

04_removing_fire_escape_top_hung_velux  05_removing_sash_from_top_hung_velux_GPL

After the sash is removed.  We then start to remove the frame.

06_removing_sash_from_top_hunh_velux_GPL_2  07_removing_velux_GPL_top_hung_frame 08_removing_velux_GPL_top_hung_frame_2

We then get the Velux skylight replacements ready for installation

09_getting_new_white_velux_skylights_ready  10_new_white_velux_skylights_unboxed

We first take the smaller window frame upstairs and start to install it.

11_installing_new_velux_GPU_top_hung  12_installing_new_velux_GPU_top_hung_2

A quick moment to show off our latest fashion in the Loft Shop range.

13_flashy_new_loft_shop_jackets   14_showing_off_new_jacket

After the fashion show, we start to install the larger Velux skylight replacement.



All done and securely in place.  We now add some final touches around the edges of the window to make it look nice.

17_giving_the_edges_of_velux_frame_a_tidy   18_giving_the_edges_of_velux_frame_a_tidy_2

In go the sashes…

19_testing_new_GGU_velux_skylight   20_testing_new_GPU_top_hung_velux_skylight

Excellent, they look great!


Time to fit the blinds, larger window first…

22_new_velux_DKL_blackout_blind_installed   23_new_velux_DKL_blackout_blind_installed_2

Good job, now the top hung window…

24_installing_velux_DKL_blackout_blind   25_another_velux_DKL_blackout_blind_fitted 26_testing_velux_DKL_blackout_blind   27_both_velux_windows_with_blinds

Excellent job Mr Fitter.  Let’s have a quick look at the windows with the blackout blinds closed.


Superb, and one final look before we say thank you for all the tea and head home


We are happy to undertake VELUX roof window replacements, re-glazing and repair work, contact us on 020 8551 5800 for any queries.  We are also VELUX registered 5* installers.


Posted on January 23, 2014

Location – Poplar, East London

Project – Velux Glass Replacement

This week we are doing much needed maintenance work on a couple of VELUX skylights. The glass has blown and now needs replacing urgently. These were fairly large VELUX windows, today’s equivalent of GGL S06 windows.  Luckily enough these skylights were easily accessible from a beautiful roof terrace overlooking Canary Wharf.  It is time for the job of VELUX glass replacement.

We are going to replace two glass units, both very close to each other, however in separate rooms, here is the first one, very high up in this bedroom.


We then make our way to the roof terrace and here are the two VELUX skylights, we need to replace these glazing units.


We get to work on the Velux glass replacement….


You will notice a grill behind the glass, we remove these at the end as the customer wanted to fit blinds too.  The grills were put there by a previous owner.

The glass is now removed on both the top and bottom windows

04_velux_glazing_removed   05_velux_glazing_removed_1

We now get the new Velux glass ready to install.


Here is another glance at the Velux windows with glazing removed


Back to preparing the glass for installation

08_preparing_velux_glazing_unit   09_preparing_frame_for_velux_glazing

We then start installing the new Velux glass replacements.


The Velux windows are now re-glazed and have beautiful new clear class in them.

11_velux_window_reglazed  12_both_velux_windows_reglazed

The last job was to remove the grills that the previous homeowner has put it and put on new blinds.

13_installing_new_velux_blind_to_finish_job  velux-installer-partnership-5-star-member

We are happy to undertake VELUX roof window replacements, re-glazing and repair work, contact us on 020 8551 5800 for any queries.  We are also VELUX registered 5* installers

Posted on November 18, 2013

Location – Winchmore Hill, London

Good morning all.  Mid November now and we still had great weather to fit a VELUX skylight.  So we did.  Only thing is, this VELUX skylight was out of their standard range, it was a massive window.  It measures 1140mm in width and 1800mm in length.

Prior to this customer moving into their house, the last owner had fitted a DIY window onto the side of the roof, it was starting to cause mold and rot.  We had a big job to remove this skylight and tile around the roof as the new VELUX dimensions were never going to be exactly the same.  We also had to do some boxing in work on the inside too.  This would take a few days, so we got to work.

Day 1


We had scaffolding put up for us, you can see the size of this DIY skylight on the side of the roof.  We had to remove this.  So we climb the scaffolding and get to work.


Here is the current skylight.  You can see its in need of replacement.  So we start work removing it.

03_removing_glass_from_old_skylight  04_removing_glass_from_old_skylight_2 05_starting_to_remove_old_skylight_frame

Once the glass is all carefully removed, we have to remove the old timber.

06_removing_old_skylight_frame  07_removing_old_skylight_frame_2 08_old_skylight_and_frame_removed

With the timber and glass removed, we are now down to roof level.  Believe it or not, this took most of the day so we have to fit a tarpaulin sheet to the opening to stop any overnight rain coming in.

For the remainder of the day, we worked on the inside by creating the frame for the new VELUX skylight to fit to.

09_building_internal_frame_for_new_velux  10_building_internal_frame_for_new_velux_2

Where you see gaps on top of the timber beam and below, we box around those areas nicely.


Day one all complete.  Old DIY skylight removed, tarpaulin secure, internal frame built. Tomorrow we install the VELUX.

See you in the morning…

Day 2

Good morning, the first thing we do this morning is remove the tarpaulin and where the frame is at the bottom, we put tiles up to the bottom.


We then get the VELUX skylight out of the box, ready to bring to the roof for installation.


A quick pose for the camera to show everyone how big this window is

14_showing_off_size_of_new_velux  15_about_to_remove_sash_from_frame

We now remove the sash from the frame and take the frame upstairs.


With the frame now upstairs and ready to install, we then with much grunting, pull the frame to the roof.


Phew! that was heavy.  Time to install onto the roof…



Once the window is secured into place, it is time to tile nicely around the window

20_getting_ready_to_apply_tiles_to_new_velux  21_starting_to_tile_new_skylight 22_tiling_new_velux_skylight  23_new_skylight_from_the_ground 24_finishing_tiling  25_new_velux_tiled

All done and looks great, one last look at the inside

26_new_velux_skylight_fitted_open  27_new_velux_skylight_fitted_closed

Looks brilliant on the inside, all nicely boxed in, only a little bit of paint needed.  One last look at the outside before we go home…


Really good job, two good days of work.  If you would like your VELUX window installed or replaced by a VELUX 5* installer, please contact us on 020 8551 5800