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Your fitting!
The Loft Shop aims to provide the highest level of customer service possible. To achieve this there are a number of things that we need to make you aware of before your fitting takes place. Please see the terms and conditions below.
Planning Permission
Planning permission is not generally required to install a roof window, but it is considered best practice to consult your local council.  It is not generally necessary to consult your building control for a loft ladder.  If we carry out work for you installing either a roof window or a loft ladder we shall assume that you have obtained the necessary permission for the work from your local planning office.
Cancellation of Appointments
Loft Shop reserves the right to cancel and reschedule your appointment due to any unforeseen circumstances. Should you wish to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please inform us as soon as possible.
The most important part of the installation process is to ensure the safety of everyone involved.

Please try to ensure that you follow the points below.
It is important to ensure that the area immediately below the loft hatch is kept clear at all times.
The area inside the loft must be cleared of all objects around where the loft product will be fitted. If you have loft flooring, where possible around the loft hatch please lift floorboards so that the fitter may conduct his initial survey thoroughly.
Please ensure that the fitter has access to an electrical socket for the possibility of using tools, or for providing light.
Please ensure that there is someone in attendance while the fitter is on your property, and that someone is there for your entire allocated time slot. The fitter must keep to a schedule for other customers, so it is important that there is someone there on his arrival
Please do not touch any of the fitter’s equipment, including ladders unless the fitter has given permission e.g. he has completed the installation of the product, and now deems it fit for use.
Three section timber ladders or hatch alterations.
Certain ladders for various reasons require hatch alterations to be made. In many cases you may have what is known as a ‘Lathe and plaster’ ceiling (a traditional way of covering ceilings in use until the 1950’s). When cutting these types of ceilings, there is often a certain amount of crumbling that can occur, and often other parts of the ceiling can come down. We therefore must make you aware of this possibility before work commences, although in most cases this will not happen. We must emphasise that the fitter will take the utmost care but The Loft Shop cannot be responsible for such damage. We do not offer painting or plastering so please arrange separately. When cutting these ceilings, a lot of thick dust can be created. Although we will endeavour to cover as much of the area below the hatch with dust sheets as possible, we must warn you that the dust is particularly thick, and can spread over a wider area than that covered.
Making Good
When we have to undertake work which involves enlarging the openings (loft hatch or roof window) and cutting into plasterboard, we will always endeavour to ensure minimal remedial work such as plastering (making good) is required.  However should any making good work be required after the installation has taken place, you will require another contractor to undertake such works.  Our quote does not include anything for such work that we do not carry out.
MDF hatches
Often, when installing certain types of ladder, especially the Spacemaker and Easiway ladders we adjust your existing hatch so that it swings down, and becomes lockable. Occasionally, mainly due to the existing hatch being of poor quality material, a new MDF hatch becomes necessary. In these circumstances a new MDF hatch will be fitted at an extra cost of £39.00 (inc VAT)
Parking Preparations
To ensure a quicker installation time, we would ask you to make some preparations for the fitter to be able to park his van on or near your property. The fitter may need timber, and other materials and tools readily accessible to him in order to complete your installation, and therefore the nearer he is to his van, the easier this becomes. Please advise us prior to installation of any problems associated with parking near to your property, equally if you live within a permit zone, please could you provide the necessary parking vouchers.
It is important that payment is completed immediately after the installation has taken place. Please make sure that you have the appropriate means to pay for the installation. The fitter can accept cheques (payable to Kaysted Ltd (with guarantee card) Switch/Delta, and all major credit cards. The fitter is not authorised to accept cash for security reasons. Should you wish to pay by cash, please go to your local Loft Shop stating your name and job number and complete your cash payment. Cash payments must be made in full prior to your fitting date.
Product Guarantee 
Each manufacturer/supplier will offer different guarantee period.  Your product would be subject to the manufacturer’s warranty.  Our labour work is guaranteed for 12 months from the date of installation; any works we need to carry out whether parts are free of charge or not will be subject to our current hourly rate.
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