Posted on March 2, 2015

Installation of a Velux Solar Skylight

Location – Sutton, Surrey

This week we are visiting a stunning home in Sutton, Surrey to install two large Velux Solar Skylights.  There are no skylights at present, therefore we are undertaking a completely new installation at this time.

Velux Solar Skylights are a brilliant way to operate your skylight when situated in out of reach positions.  Being solar powered, the window eliminates the need for any wiring and it works beautifully.

The Velux Solar Skylights are completely controlled by this stunning touch pad…


Enough jaw opening moments at the technology, lets get to work…


This is where the two Velux solar skylights are going to go.   A bit high up isn’t it?


Oh a tower! that’s better!

03_creating_opening_velux_solar_skylight  04_taking_dimensions_velux_solar_skylight

We commence works on creating the opening for the Velux windows.


Once the hole is made, we then start removing the tiles from the inside.


A quick glance of progress from the outside as our fitter removes the roof tiles.


Once the tiles are removed, we then line the opening with timber, ready to fit the frame of the first Velux solar skylight.

Once the opening is ready, we go outside and get the Velux window un-boxed and ready for installation.

08_velux_solar_window_boxed 09_velux_solar_window_opening 10_velux_solar_window_opened

We remove the window sash from its frame, ready for fitting.


We then install the frame into the pre-formed opening.


That is the first Velux almost complete, now that we have installed the frame, we repeated the process for the second Velux, see images below…

13_getting_second_opening_ready   14_view_from_outside 15_getting_second_opening_ready_2

Once both frames are in place, we then tile up around both windows and affix the solar panel on the outside of the Velux.

16_tiling_around_velux_solar  17_tiling_around_velux_solar_2

Excellent, all done, nicely installed.


We then have a quick look at them in action.


If you wish to have roof windows fitted, Velux or otherwise, be sure to contact us on 020 8551 5800, we would be delighted to help.