Posted on March 11, 2013

Location – Croydon, Surrey

This week we were blessed with lovely weather.  Perfect for fitting a roof window.  In fact today we are replacing an existing roof window.  The current roof window was very worse for wear and of such an age that we didn’t even know what make it was (I know we are shocked too!).

Time to get to work.

We started by removing the sash, this was tricky as it was sealed shut, you can see from the images how bad a state the window was in.
01_removing_old_roof_window 02_removing_old_roof_window_2

We managed to release the sash from its seal and remove it from the frame.

03_removing_old_roof_window_3 04_old_roof_window_removed

It was then time to move the tiles out the way and remove the frame from the roof.

05_moving_tiles_for_new_flashing 06_removing_old_roof_window_frame

Fantastic and neatly done too.  Time to get the new Fakro roof window out the van and ready to install onto the roof.

07_new_fakro_roof_window 08_new_fakro_roof_window_2 09_new_fakro_roof_window_3

Once we removed the sash from the frame, we install the new Fakro roof window frame onto the roof.

10_fitting_new_roof_window_frame 11_fitting_new_roof_window_frame_2 12_new_roof_window_frame_in_place

Looking good! looking good! Now we have to install the flashing kit around the Fakro roof window (the flashing kit is what keeps the water out).

13_fitting_new_flashing_kit 14_fitting_new_flashing_kit_2

All done and ready to put in the Fakro roof window sash.


It’s in and looks great.  Good job!

16_new_fakro_roof_window 17_new_fakro_roof_window_2

If you are interested in having a Fakro or alternative roof window fitted, then please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8551 5800 or visit our showroom.