Posted on May 16, 2013

Location – Ilford, Essex

Hello from sunny Essex.  Today we are in Ilford.  This valued customer already has a Velux skylight installed in their bathroom, it was fitted many years ago.

We have been asked to come in a fit another Velux skylight alongside the one already in place to add extra light into the bathroom.

Lets have a look at the current situation.

01_location_new_velux_skylight 02_location_new_velux_skylight

As you can see, there is a Velux skylight already in place.  Our job is to fit the new Velux skylight alongside the current one.  We have been asked to ensure the skylight is half over the bath tub.

Here is a quick image of the current Velux skylight in place.


Our first job is to measure out the plasterboard so we don’t cut too much away.  Once that is done, we commence “operation cut the plasterboard”.

04_creating_opening_new_velux_skylight 05_creating_opening_new_velux_skylight_2 06_creating_opening_new_velux_skylight_3

While the fitter is cutting away the plasterboard, lets have a look at the outside, at where the new skylight we be placed.


This is the view from the outside.  Soon there will be a nice, well installed Velux skylight next to the current one.

Let’s pop back upstairs and see how the fitter is getting on…


Wow, you don’t waste any time do you Mr Fitter?

Now, let’s remove the tiles…

09_progress_on_creating_opening_for_velux 10_progress_on_creating_opening_for_velux_2 11_velux_opening_outside

Once tiles are removed, we commence making the sure opening is all lined up, and secure before we install the velux window



Oh nice pencil Mr Fitter, where did you get it?


Opening made! time to get the window ready…

15_new_velux_skylight 16_frame_ready_for_velux_skylight 17_preparing_velux_skylight_for_installation 18_preparing_velux_skylight_for_installation_2

Window all prepared, time to install onto the roof…

19_velux_skylight_frame_installed   20_applying_velux_flashing_kit

Installed, time to tile up around the window…


Fantastic! all done, time to fit the Velux DKL blackout blind

22_velux_roof_window_installed 23_installing_velux_skylight_blackout_blind 24_velux_roof_window_with_DKL_blackout_blind

Looks great.  Lets have a look from the outside.


Well installed!

If you would like a Velux or alternative roof window installed, please do not hesitate to contact us, check out our range here.