Posted on September 16, 2013

Location – East Barnet, Hertfordshire

Today we have two jobs to do in this one loft.  We will be replacing two big VELUX skylights, they are VELUX S06 size which is 1140 x 1180.  These windows were damaged, worse for wear and glazing broken, they are in desperate need of replacement.

The current VELUX skylights are timber and the customer wanted them replaced with white windows.

The second job in this loft was to open up the hallway to light.  It was a very dark hallway, so we are going to create a hole in the roof and put in a white VELUX skylight C04 which is 550 x 980.

Let’s get to work…


This is job one, to replace these two VELUX skylights, as you can see from the images, they are in desperate need of replacement.


This is job two, its a dark hallway and really needs some light coming in over the staircase.


We started by removing the sashes from the frames of the old roof windows.


We then started to create the hole for the new roof window.

05_making_hole_for_new_velux_skylight_2   06_making_hole_for_new_velux_skylight_3

We removed the tiles from the outside to be able to install the new VELUX skylight.


We then removed the frames of the old VELUX skylights.



Now both openings are ready to install the three new VELUX skylights.

10_new_velux_skylight_in_box   11_new_velux_skylight_S06

We get the two replacements windows ready…


We then get the new window ready…

13_new_velux_skylight_C04_in_place   14_new_velux_skylight_S06_in_place

We then start to install all three roof windows.

15_getting_the_tools   16_screwing_velux_skylights_down


The new C04 (550 x 980) white VELUX skylight is now installed…

18_velux_C04_complete   19_velux_C04_complete_2

So much more light is coming into that hallway now, it looks great.  Now let’s finish off the replacement skylights…

20_finishing_installation_velux_S06   21_velux_skylight_S06_complete 22_2_x_velux_skylight_S06_complete

Wow, they look a million dollars! great job.  If you have an old VELUX skylight which needs replacing, please click here and fill out the form or call us on 020 8551 5800 for more information.