Posted on May 22, 2014

Location – Benfleet, Essex

This week we are in sunny Essex.  We are fitting the brilliant piston assisted loft ladder.  This wooden loft ladder has a unique piston arm which allows for smooth operation.  It comes with a double extended handrail for added safety and extra strong springs to close the hatch door.

Our job here was to remove an old loft ladder and replace it with this wooden loft ladder.  We get to work…

Here is the current loft hatch.


We open up the hatch to checkout the current loft ladder.

02_opening_old_loft_ladder  03_opening_up_old_loft_ladder

We set out removing the current loft ladder from the hatch.


After the loft ladder is removed, we than have to remove the hatch frame.

06_removing_old_loft_ladder_architrave  05_removing_old_loft_ladder_frame_1

We also remove the hatch door from the current frame.


We than remove the old frame and make sure the opening is ready for the new wooden loft ladder.


Once the opening is ready, we then get the new wooden loft ladder out of the van.

09_unpacking_new_piston_loft_ladder  10_new_piston_timber_loft_ladder

It is now time to put the new wooden loft ladder into place.  Lift!!!


Phew! that was heavy! We now have to secure the wooden loft ladder into place

12_getting_ready_to_fix_ladder_into_place  13_new_wooden_loft_ladder_fitted_in_place

Now that the loft ladder is secured into place, we have to cut the ladder section down to size…

14_cutting_bottom_of_wooden_loft_ladder_to_size  15_cutting_wooden_ladder_to_size

We close up the ladder and have one final check that the hatch and frame is all level.


It is now nicely secured into place.  Let’s make is look nice with architrave…

17_applying_architrave  18_fitting_architrave 19_new_wooden_loft_ladder

Looks fantastic!

We now test the new loft ladder…

20_testing_opening_wooden_loft_ladder_1  21_testing_opening_wooden_loft_ladder_2 22_testing_opening_wooden_loft_ladder_3  23_testing_opening_wooden_loft_ladder_3 24_testing_opening_wooden_loft_ladder_4  25_new_piston_assisted_wooden_loft_ladder

Great job! if you would like a timber loft ladder installed, please call us on 020 8551 5800 to book in your survey.  Prices start from only £399 supplied and installed.