Posted on November 26, 2012

Location – Watford, Hertfordshire

A fresh and frosty morning in Herfordshire.  The fog was just sitting above the fields.  We are on route to Watford to create a new opening and install a new timber loft ladder.

First things first.  We entered the loft through the smallest of openings on the landing

We went inside the loft to see what was what.  The new opening was going to be formed in the second bedroom as there was not enough room on the landing.


We then formed the opening from inside the loft.  There were no lights available so we had to make do with a torch.  No problem.

Opening made… yes we know it looks messy now… don’t worry, it will get there.  Time to get the ladder ready to be installed into the new fresh opening.

We then unpacked the ladder and installed it into the newly formed opening.


The edges still look a little rough, but we are getting there.  First things first, we need to test its all square and working correctly.


Ok, all secure and fixed into place.  Now we need to cut the ladder to size and finish off those edges.


Measuring and cutting the architrave to size.


Architrave all applied and looks great.  Good job!