Posted on May 21, 2013

Location – St John’s Wood, London

This week we are at a private clinic in the lovely St John’s Wood.  We have been bought in to replace a very old concertina (sometimes known as scissor) ladder.  The loft ladder is used by tradesmen to access the boiler in the ceiling so it needs to be secure and safe.

We have arrived and are ready to go…

Here is the current loft access hatch

01_current_loft_hatch 02_current_loft_hatch_2

Yes Mr Fitter, thanks for pointing it out, we can see it.

We now set about opening the loft hatch and removing the current concertina loft ladder.

03_current_concertina_loft_ladder 04_removing_concertina_loft_ladder 05_removing_concertina_loft_ladder_2

Once the concertina loft ladder is removed, we have to make some adjustments to the current hatch as its very old and needed a little maintenance.


Once the hatch is ready.  We we get the area ready to install the new concertina loft ladder

07_fixing_loft_hatch_2  08_new_concertina_loft_ladder_fitted

Now its fixed into place, we need to ensure the height of the ladder is correct so that the steps are even and straight.


All done, now to ensure the new catch is put into place.


Done, a new concertina loft ladder


Concertina loft ladders are an ideal solution if space around the hatch area is limited.  If you have a tight area around your hatch, please speak to us on 020 8551 5800 and let’s see what we can do.