Posted on January 23, 2014

Location – Poplar, East London

Project – Velux Glass Replacement

This week we are doing much needed maintenance work on a couple of VELUX skylights. The glass has blown and now needs replacing urgently. These were fairly large VELUX windows, today’s equivalent of GGL S06 windows.  Luckily enough these skylights were easily accessible from a beautiful roof terrace overlooking Canary Wharf.  It is time for the job of VELUX glass replacement.

We are going to replace two glass units, both very close to each other, however in separate rooms, here is the first one, very high up in this bedroom.


We then make our way to the roof terrace and here are the two VELUX skylights, we need to replace these glazing units.


We get to work on the Velux glass replacement….


You will notice a grill behind the glass, we remove these at the end as the customer wanted to fit blinds too.  The grills were put there by a previous owner.

The glass is now removed on both the top and bottom windows

04_velux_glazing_removed   05_velux_glazing_removed_1

We now get the new Velux glass ready to install.


Here is another glance at the Velux windows with glazing removed


Back to preparing the glass for installation

08_preparing_velux_glazing_unit   09_preparing_frame_for_velux_glazing

We then start installing the new Velux glass replacements.


The Velux windows are now re-glazed and have beautiful new clear class in them.

11_velux_window_reglazed  12_both_velux_windows_reglazed

The last job was to remove the grills that the previous homeowner has put it and put on new blinds.

13_installing_new_velux_blind_to_finish_job  velux-installer-partnership-5-star-member

We are happy to undertake VELUX roof window replacements, re-glazing and repair work, contact us on 020 8551 5800 for any queries.  We are also VELUX registered 5* installers