Posted on October 22, 2014

Location – Chingford, London

Hello from East London.   This week we are in a rather large house converted into stunning flats.  The top floor flat has two very old roof window skylights in place.  The sizes that were there, were 1340 x 1400 and 780 x 1400.  Our job was to replace them with Velux skylights.  the equivalent Velux skylights were GGL UK08 3050 (1340 x 1400) and GGL MK08 3050 (780 x 1400).

Lets get to work…

So our first job was to remove the roof window sashes (the glass part).

1_old_velux_skylight_larger    2_old_velux_skylight_smaller

Here is the sash of the bigger roof window removed


After the sashes are removed, we have to remove the frames of the roof windows to enable us to install the frames of the new Velux skylights.  Here is an image of the smaller frame removed


With the old roof windows completely removed, it is time to install the new Velux skylights.


Mr Fitter hard at work, fixing the new frame into place.

6_new_large_velux_skylight_installed    7_new_smaller_velux_skylight_installed

The all new frames of the Velux skylights are now in place and ready. The sashes need to be put in.  We also have blinds to install too.


This is the sash of the smaller Velux skylight (GGL MK08 3050).  All ready to be installed.

Time to put the sashes into place and fit the blinds…


That is the bigger window done.   The GGL UK08 3050.  Time to fit the blind to the smaller window, the GGL MK08 3050.

10_final_touches_on_smaller_velux    11_smaller_velux_skylight_complete

All done.  They look lovely.

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