Posted on January 22, 2013

Location – Peckham, London

The day after the “big freeze”, roads still icy and somewhat snowy.  We are off to south London to install an Easiway loft ladder (the ideal solution for basic storage access to your loft).

The great thing about these ladders are that we do not have to adjust the size of your current loft opening.  We only have to hinge down the door as around 90% of the time you will have a door which pushes up and into the loft.

Here we have the current opening, we pushed the door up and removed it.


The first job was to install the loft ladder by fixing it to the opening, we set out doing this by preparing the loft ladder first.

2_new_easiway_loft_ladder  3_easiway_loft_ladder_upackaged

4_preparing_loft_ladder  5_preparing_loft_ladder_2

Now that the loft ladder is prepared and ready to go.  It was time to install the loft ladder into the hatch opening.

6_fixing_loft_ladder  7_loft_ladder_fixed_into_place 8_new_loft_ladder

Please note – you may notice this loft ladder is fitted off centre and to the right.  This is only because there is a cupboard in the way stopping the loft ladder being fitted in the centre which is what we would usually do.

Now its time to fit a new hinge down loft hatch door.

10_applying_new_door_2  9_applying_new_door

Once this is all done, we tested it all works well and time to demonstrate the product to the customer for their final approval.

11_demonstrating_loft_ladder  12_demonstrating_loft_ladder_2 13_demonstrating_loft_ladder_3

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