Posted on January 28, 2013

Location – Croydon, Surrey

The icy roads were not going to stop us serving our valued customers! we set off nice and early and head down to Croydon to replace an existing VELUX roof window.

The customer wanted his roof window replaced as the current one has been in there for many years and was never installed correctly in the first place.  Super Loft Shop to the rescue!

Here is the existing VELUX roof window.


It is a fairly large size roof window so it takes two strong lads to lift out the sash so we can get to work on removing the frame.


Sash removed and commencing frame removal.


Aha the frame has now been removed.


It is now time to replace the old frame with the fresh new one.


Looking good and fresh.  Lets make sure it is securely in place before we can put the new window sash back in.


All secure and roof window is ready


Time to place the new sash in.


It was like we were never here.  Great job!

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