Posted on April 22, 2013

Location – Stratford, London

This week, we are towering high in an old warehouse )which many years ago was converted into apartments) to install a Velux skylight.  One of the skylights was in need to replacing.

We had marvelous views of the Olympic Village, what a great year 2012 was, lots happened.

Ok back to the matter in hand, the new skylight… in step the loft shop fitting team!

The skylight currently in place is 780 x 1400 in size.

Time to get to work…


This is the old skylight in place.  We have to remove this now.

03_removing_old_velux_roof_window 04_removing_old_velux_roof_window_1

Now the skylight is removed, lets admire the view for a second… take it in…


What a view from the velux skylight! the Olympic stadium in all its glory!

Ok back to work… we remove the slates from around where the Velux skylight is going to go.  This is so we can fit the new flashing kit.


Time to install the new Velux skylight


Looks good! lets see how we are doing on the outside.


Looks neat and tidy, we just need to get the rest of the slates on the outside of the Velux skylight.

Once that is done, let’s get the sash ready to install into the frame.


Lets get the sash into the frame.


That looks lovely.  Great job!

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