Posted on September 23, 2013

Location – Wembley, London

This week we travel to north west London just under the arch of Wembley football stadium. This valued customer wanted us to enlarge his loft hatch and install a lovely timber loft ladder there.  We are happy to oblige.

Time to get to work…

This is the current loft hatch, small and not easily accessible, not really practical to use.

01_current_loft_hatch   02_current_loft_hatch

We set out climbing into the loft to locate the hatch from above and start preparations for the installation of a timber loft ladder.

03_locating_loft_hatch_from_above 04_current_loft_hatch

We have to now clear the area of all the dust and anything in the way.  It is important to clear the dust as we do not want that dust going downstairs when we enlarge the opening.


Area now nice and clear.  We now start work on enlarging the opening to fit the timber loft ladder in place.

06_preparing_loft_hatch_for_extending 07_extending_loft_hatch 08_extending_loft_hatch

As you can see the opening is now nicely lined and securely screwed into place.  We now have to cut the opening to suit the size of the timber loft ladder.

We set out doing this carefully.


Superb work! let’s see what it looks like from underneath…


Massive difference.  The timber loft ladder will fit in there beautifully.  Final adjustments now to make on the opening before we install the timber loft ladder.


All ready… let’s fit the loft ladder…


Ladder ready and waiting for installation.  We just need to get it up into the loft now…


up she comes!


Ok its up, time to fit into place.


Lovely job, now we need to secure the loft ladder into place.

16_timber_loft_ladder_installed 17_securing_timber_loft_ladder 18_final_adjustments_to_timber_loft_ladder

All secure, we now cut the loft ladder down to size


Finished… a lovely new timber loft ladder and enlarged opening.


If you would like a timber loft ladder fitted into your loft, please click here and fill out the form, we will then contact you to arrange a survey.