Posted on March 25, 2013

Location – Whitechapel, London

This week we headed down to an estate where we had been a few times already as we have a contract to change most of the VELUX roof windows there.  Today we were changing one VELUX roof window.

This time we had to change quite an uncommon size, its called a velux C01.  Which measures externally 550 x 700mm.  Not one which VELUX stock anymore.  We got hold of the roof window and set to work.

Here is the old VELUX roof window.  It would not close properly anymore and was worse for wear.


We then removed the sash (the part where the glass is).


Then we readied the new VELUX roof window (it looks so nice and fresh and little).


We then removed the frame of the old VELUX roof window.


Next step… put new frame in!


After some messing around outside on the roof around the window, to make it watertight, we then inserted the new sash and we were done.


What a great job! if you would like your roof windows replaced, then please do not hesitate to check out our range and get in touch.  Click here to checkout the range.