Posted on October 28, 2013

Location – Palmers Green, London

Today we are fitting the Easiway loft ladder, this product is an ideal product for simple basic storage and occasional use.

For this particular loft ladder, there is no need for any cutting in the ceiling, it’s a case of installing the loft ladder into your current hatch opening/hole.  Your home like most others probably has a hatch you push and to the side, for this loft ladder, we would hinge down the hatch and put a twist catch on it.  Sometimes we may need to install a new door as some doors are old and or are not suitable for the hinges.

Lets get to work…


This is the current hatch.  As you can see its just a piece of timber that site on top of the hole (you are very likely to have a similar setup).

We remove the lid/hatch door and get the loft ladder ready for installation.

02_checking_loft_space  03_easiway_loft_ladder


Ok loft ladder out of its packing, prepared and ready to install.  We now start to install the Easiway loft ladder into the opening.

05_putting_easiway_loft_ladder_to_hatch  06_getting_ready_to_fit_loft_ladder_in_place

We now have to fix the loft ladder into place.

07_fitting_easiway_loft_ladder_into_place  08_fitting_easiway_loft_ladder_into_place

Now that the loft ladder is fixed into place, we check that it is secure and test that it is working correctly.

09_testing_easiway_loft_ladder_fitting_correctly  10_testing_easiway_loft_ladder_fitting_correctly

Ok the loft ladder is secure and works great.  This particular customer is going to have a new hatch door fitted.  We get to work on cutting down a new hatch door.


Once the new hatch door is cut to size, we take it back inside and check that its all ok.


Fits like a glove!

Time to secure the new hatch door into place.


We are done, lets go through the motions and demonstrate the loft ladder working.


Open the door using the stock provided and placing the key into the twist catch


The loft ladder is revealed.


Use the same pole to pull the loft ladder down


Take hold of the loft ladder and pull the next section down


The loft ladder is down to the floor and ready to climb


The Easiway loft ladder is an ideal loft ladder to use once in a while for basic access to the loft. If you would like to have a loft ladder installed, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.  Alternatively you can click here to fill out the form and we shall call you to arrange a date of installation.