Posted on April 2, 2013

Location – Whitechapel, London

This week we were back down to the estate in Whitechapel to replace another two VELUX roof windows.  These roof windows were in serious need of replacing.

Todays roof windows are 780 x 1400 in size.

Lets get to work…

Here are a few pictures to give you an idea of the state they were in before we came to the rescue.

01_old_velux_roof_window 02_old_broken_velux_roof_window 03_old_broken_velux_roof_window_2 04_old_broken_velux_roof_window_3

You can see from these images the urgency needed to change the VELUX roof windows.  This poor customer was sleeping in a room full of draft, not good for their health.  We will put it right.

First we set out removing the old VELUX roof windows.


We then set out placing the new ones into position.

06_getting_new_velux_roof_windows_ready 07_installing_new_velux_roof_windows 08_installing_new_velux_roof_windows_2 09_installing_new_velux_roof_windows_3

Great work mr fitter! lets take the camera outside and have a look at the roof windows from the outside.

10_new_velux_roof_window_in_place 11_new_velux_roof_window_in_place_3

Looks really neat! and draft proof!

Back to the inside as we put a nice timber piece in the middle of the two windows to give a lovely effect.


Mr fitter, this is a bedroom.  Didn’t the customer also ask for blinds? it may be draft proof but they need to be able to sleep too… no problem!

13_installing_velux_roof_window_blinds 14_installed_velux_roof_window_blinds 16_new_velux_roof_windows

Fantastic, lets see how it came out.


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