Posted on June 2, 2014

Location – Enfield, Middlesex

This week we are over in Enfield, Middlesex.  We are fitting a wooden loft ladder which is manufactured by the ever innovative Keylite.  This is a great new loft ladder on the market.  With this wooden loft ladder we are able to offer a great product at a great price.

Today we went to a home where they wanted access to the loft more often, so we had to enlarge their opening and install this wooden loft ladder.

Time to get to work…


Here is the current loft hatch.  Our job today is to lengthen this hatch and install a wooden loft ladder.


We go inside the loft and start lifting the floor boards and clearing the area of dust.


Once the boards are up (where they need to be up of course) and the area is clear, we are ready to line the opening and enlarge it.


The new enlarged loft hatch is almost ready for the new wooden loft ladder.

05_new_keylite_timber_loft_ladder   06_unpacking_new_keylite_timber_loft_ladder

We go and get the new Keylite wooden loft ladder out of the van and ready for installation.

07_lining_new_extended_hatch_1   08_lining_new_extended_hatch_2

We add any final lining to the hatch opening ready for the wooden loft ladder.


We then install the new loft ladder.  Once it is secured into place, we make it look nice by finishing it off with architrave.

10_getting_architrave_ready   11_fitting_architrave_to_loft_ladder 12_architrave_fitting_around_loft_hatch   13_new_timber_loft_ladder_and_extended_opening

Looks brilliant, let’s test it…

14_new_timber_keylite_loft_ladder   15_new_timber_keylite_loft_ladder_open

New extended hatch and timber loft ladder installed.  Excellent job.  If you would like your hatch made bigger and a wooden loft ladder installed, please contact us on 020 8551 5800.  We would be delighted to assist you.