Posted on March 4, 2013

Location – Norwood, London

Good afternoon from south London.  We have arrived at a lovely family home in Norwood, south London.

Today we are installing the Easiway loft ladder.  An ideal solution for basic storage use/occasional use.

For this loft ladder, there is no need for any cutting in the ceiling.  Its a case of installing the loft ladder into your current hatch opening.  Your home is probably like most others and has a hatch you push up and to the side.

For this loft ladder, we would hinge the hatch down and put a catch on it.  However this situation today is slightly different and the current opening was much larger than the average and so the hinge down door would prove difficult to operate.  Fear not, we have the answer…

…Lets get to work…

First we removed the current hatch cover and got the ladder prepared and ready.

01_current_loft_hatch  02_preparing_new_loft_ladder  03_preparing_new_loft_ladder_2

We then had to ensure the loft ladder was secured to the hatch opening.

05_fitting_new_loft_ladder_into_place  06_fitting_new_loft_ladder_into_place_2

All secured, lets give it a little test to see if its stable.

08_testing_new_loft_ladder  09_testing_new_loft_ladder_2

All good, lets check it out stored away.


Right, ladder done.  Its time to unleash the cunning plan for a manageable hatch door.

11_applying_first_half_door  12_applying_first_half_door_2

Only half a door? …we are not finished yet!

13_both_sides_door_applied 14_testing_new_loft_ladder15_new_loft_ladder_and_hatch

Ah I see, clever clever!

Excellently done! If you would like a loft ladder installed like this one, click here to fill out the form and we will contact you to discuss your availability.