Posted on May 7, 2013

Location – Wanstead, London

Good morning from a gloriously sunny East London.  Today we are replacing another old Velux skylight.  This was a rather large skylight, 940 mm wide and 1600 mm in height (Velux P10 window).

The old Velux skylight was timber and was starting to rot.  We are going to replace this one with a white one.  We are also going to fit a new blackout blind.

Time to get to work…

Here is the current Velux skylight

1_old_velux_skylight  2_old_velux_skylight

It’s time to remove this Velux skylight.

3_removing_old_velux_skylight  4_removing_old_velux_skylight

The sash is removed and the old frame has been taken out.  Lets have a look at the old frame


As you can see, its old and rotting.  Now its all removed, we prepare the opening for the new Velux skylight.


Opening all prepared and ready.  Time to get the new white Velux skylight out of the box and up to the loft.

7_getting_new_velux_skylight_out  8_new_velux_skylight_frame 9_new_velux_skylight_frame  10_getting_ready_to_install_new_velux

Ok time to install the new skylight frame into the opening.

11_installing_new_velux_skylight  12_installing_new_velux_skylight 13_new_velux_skylight_frame_installed  14_fixing_new_velux_skylight_into_place

Looking really good Mr Fitter! What do we have to do next?  We had to put the window sash into place.

Lets step back and have a quick look, how does it look?


Great looks good.  Ok now all in place, let’s get the Velux blackout blind ready.


Ok all the parts are ready and time to install.

17_fitting_new_velux_blackout_blind  18_fitting_new_velux_blackout_blind
19_fitting_new_velux_blackout_blind  20_new_velux_blackout_blind

That looks good, lets see how effective it is, close it fully Mr Fitter…


…complete blackout! Looks great…

Our work here is done, one last look before we go…


…and one last look on the outside to check the skylight is fitted neatly…


Neat and tidy, good job.  Does your velux roof window need replacing? if so, we can help, please click here to check out our range.