Posted on October 7, 2013

Location – Hainault, Essex

This week, we are back in Essex to install a telescopic loft ladder. This valued customer chose this ladder as they did not want to enlarge their hatch, however they wanted a product which was built to be used on an often basis.

The telescopic loft ladder is ideal for lofts with little clearance.  This loft ladder is robust and high in quality.

Lets get to work…

Here is the current loft hatch


We get the telescopic loft ladder ready for installation

02_unpackaging_telesteps_telescopic_loft_ladder   03_telesteps_telescopic_loft_ladder_ready_to_install

We then prepare the hatch opening for the installation of the telescopic loft ladder


Now we open the telescopic loft ladder up and put it against the hatch opening ready to fix into place

05_putting_telesteps_telescopic_loft_ladder_into_place   06_putting_telesteps_telescopic_loft_ladder_into_place  07_telesteps_telscopic_loft_ladder_in_place

Looks good…!

Now we need to fix the telescopic loft ladder into place


Fantastic, the telescopic loft ladder is fitted into place.  We then put a new twist catch on the hatch door for the customer.  Let’s see if its working nicely…


The telescopic loft ladder is now installed.  Let’s have a look at it in action


First Mr Fitter opens the hatch door


The open hatch door reveals the telescopic loft ladder and the strap which is used to pull the loft ladder down


Mr Fitter takes hold of the strap and pulls the loft ladder down


The loft ladder is then unhooked from the stay bar


The loft ladder is then opened up and pulled to the ground nice and easily


The loft ladder is ready to climb

If you would like a telescopic loft ladder fitted, please do not hesitate to contact us on 020 8551 5800.