Posted on April 10, 2013

Location – Highams Park, London

This week, we were in East London to create a new opening in a more suitable location for this valued customer to have their timber loft ladder installed.

Timber loft ladders come complete with their own insulated hatch and frame so are ideal solutions to keep draft out.  Timber loft ladders are also very robust so ideal for often use.

This week we are installing a timber loft ladder with a hatch size of 1300 mm in length and 600 mm in width.

Lets get to work making a new hole!


This is where the new hole is going to be cut.  Lets get the dust sheets down!


Dust sheets down, we got to keep it clean!


It is now time to start creating the new opening for the timber loft ladder.

04_creating_new_opening_for_timber_loft_ladder_2  05_creating_new_opening_for_timber_loft_ladder_3 06_new_opening_for_timber_loft_ladder

New opening made (don’t worry about the jagged edges, this will all pan out).

It’s time to get the timber loft ladder ready to fit into place.

07_new_timber_loft_ladder  08_preparing_timber_loft_ladder

Timber loft ladder ready.  Time to install into the newly formed opening.

09_new_timber_loft_ladder_in_place  10_securing_timber_loft_ladder

Timber loft ladder in place and secured.  Now we have to ensure the bottom of the ladder hits the floor nicely, so we have to cut the ladder to size.

11_new_timber_loft_ladder_in_place_2  12_new_timber_loft_ladder_in_place_3

Excellent, all nice and level.  Lets have a look at what it looks like from above (just because its fun to climb up and down).

13_new_timber_loft_ladder_from_top  14_easy_access_to_loft_space

Fantastic! looks great, now what about those edges? we need to finish the timber ladder off nicely.

“Don’t worry” the fitter says…

15_applying_architrave  16_applying_architrave_2 17_applying_architrave_3  18_new_timber_loft_ladder_fitted

Okay fair enough, that looks great.

19_new_timber_loft_ladder_fitted_2  20_new_timber_loft_ladder_fitted_3

Awesome, and who would have thought, 4 hours ago that was just a ceiling with no good access to the loft space.  Great job!

If you would like to book in a survey to have a timber loft ladder installed, click here to fill out the form and we will call you to discuss a suitable date.