Posted on September 9, 2013

Location – Chelsea, London

Good morning from the beauty of Chelsea and the embankment in London.  It truly is stunning here, lovely views over the river thames.

Today we had to replace an old VELUX skylight.  The hinges had broken and the skylight in general was worse for wear.  In step the loft shop fitting team to replace it.

Commence operation VELUX skylight swap over…


This was the old VELUX skylight.  You will notice that it’s white, this is because they have painted the window white.  As the customer preferred white, instead of fitting a timber one and letting them have to go through the hassle of re-painting, we obtained a white VELUX skylight for them.

Here is a closer look at the hinge, it was literally hanging off the VELUX skylight…


So, we removed the window sash from the frame…


We then removed the VELUX skylight frame and disposed of it.  We readied the opening and then got the new window ready for installation.

4_new_velux_roof_window  5_new_velux_roof_window_frame

We then took the new white VELUX skylight frame upstairs and installed it into the opening


Seems like we have been greeted by another furry friend who wanted to play ball…


Ok 5 minutes then we have to get on with our work…

45 minutes of ball throwing and catching later, we got back to work and installed the VELUX skylight.  We managed to also save the old blind that was in place and fitted that too, the finished article…


Do you have an old VELUX skylight which needs replacing? please call us on 020 8551 5800 or click here and fill out the form, we would be happy to help.